Part Number ScreenLink™

With so much time often wasted during valuable meeting or class time trying to set up multi-user content sharing, WyreStorm ScreenLink™ offers a quicker, simpler solution for wireless (Wi-fi) and wired screen-mirroring and presentation switching for WyreStorm SW-0501-HDBT and WyreStorm NHD-SW-0501 presentation switchers. 

An ideal collaboration and presentation solution for PC and Mac computers and laptops within corporate and education environments, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, training rooms and huddle spaces, ScreenLink enables all users to share their screens in seconds regardless of technical expertise.

ScreenLink comes pre-installed into WyreStorm SW-0501-HDBT or NHD-SW-0501 presentation switchers and can also be downloaded from for PC and Mac with easy installation and simple three-step device connection, ScreenLink makes sure valuable meeting or class time is spent on your topic rather than configuring the room AV.

Both SW-0501-HDBT and NHD-SW-0501 models require WyreStorm Management Suite v1.1.0 to run ScreenLink. DOWNLOAD HERE
As of 28 Mar 2017, both NHD-SW-0501 and SW-0501-HDBT models ship with ScreenLink pre-installed.
SW-0501-HDBT units purchased before that time require firmware v3.0 containing ScreenLink, which can be downloaded free of charge with full installation instructions included. DOWNLOAD HERE
In order to use the NHD-SW-0501 with NetworkHD 100 and 200 Series systems, NetworkHD Series firmware v2.1.0 is required. DOWNLOAD HERE

Key Features:

  • Integrated multi-user collaboration software for wireless or wired screen-mirroring of separate laptops/computers
  • Compatible with WyreStorm SW-0501-HDBT and WyreStorm NetworkHD NHD-SW-0501 presentation switchers
  • Windows and Mac supported
  • Quick and easy three-step set up and device connection for content sharing with no training required
  • Variety of layouts including single, dual, quad-view - with 4 separate computers displayed onscreen at the same time


Focusing on superior integration and a flawless user experience, ScreenLink supports the simultaneous connection of virtually unlimited Mac or Windows laptops/computers to each WyreStorm SW-0501-HDBT or WyreStorm NetworkHD NHD-SW-0501 presentation switcher. Up to 4 computers can be displayed at the same time through a variety of configuration options; including single, dual and quad-view.

ScreenLink features a simple three-step on-screen set-up process with fast connection of new devices.  Security is also a priority, so fixed, random or no access codes can be set to prevent unwanted sharing to the system.

After installing the software application via a direct download from the presentation switcher, USB key or web,user then only need connect to the local network, enter the on-screen number to start ScreenLink and beam their screens over the network to a display connected to a SW-0501-HDBT or NHD-SW-0501.

The convenience of wireless network streaming allows users to share their computer screens without worrying about connecting cables, ideal for viewing spread sheets and documents to the room.  For applications where latency is important when sharing of audio and video, such as video conferencing, voice over IP calls, software demonstrations and trainings both the SW-0501-HDBT and NHD-SW-0501 models support wired VGA and HDMI inputs for fully uncompressed, zero-latency sharing.

Both switcher models offer compact, high performance switching and auto scaling of 4x HDMI, 1x VGA sources up to 1920x1200p @60Hz, microphone input with phantom power, stereo inputs and auto-mix stereo audio output. A variety of control options include front panel, built in Web UI, CEC, contact closure panels, IP and separate or combined RS-232 to manage and control the switcher or external devices.

In line with our product development strategy of focusing on HDMI, HDBaseT and AV over IP technologies and the unique benefits each platform offers for specific applications, the SW-0501-HDBT features HDMI and HDBaseT outputs with PoH power for transmission up to 100m/328ft, best suited for transmission to a one or two display devices within a single location.

The NHD-SW-0501 model offers the features an H.264 IP streaming output for use as part of NetworkHD 100/200-Series AV over IP systems from a central location to multiple displays and video walls in multiple zones.  The addition of IP streaming capabilities opens up the enormous potential of combining the presentation switcher features and ScreenLink content sharing features within the NetworkHD system for scalable AV distribution that makes it ideal for scalable corporate or education applications of virtually any size.

Click for more details on the SW-0501-HDBT and NHD-SW-0501 presentation switchers featuring ScreenLink


  • Integrated multi-user collaboration software for wireless (Wi-Fi) or wired screen-mirroring of laptops/computers
  • Compatible with WyreStorm presentation switcher models SW-0501-HDBT for a single room environment and WyreStorm NHD-SW-0501 for screen sharing over a NetworkHD AV over IP network 
  • Windows and Mac supported
  • Editable start screen background image
  • Simple on-screen controls
  • Screen layouts include single, dual, and quad-view
  • 4 separate computers displayable onscreen at the same time
  • Simple three-step on-screen set-up process with fast connection of new devices
  • Customisable secure network access with fixed, random or no access code requirements settings
  • Software installation via direct download from presentation switcher, USB key or from
  • Simple connection to a router through the LAN port - no additional devices to purchase or additional connections required
  • Configuration options include output timing, LIFO toggle on/off, maximum volume level, firmware update and upload 
  • Audio overlay option