HDMI Over Coax

HDMI Over Coax

The WyreStorm range of 1-to-4 and 1-to-8 SD/ HD/3G-SDI products distributes a single SDI video signal simultaneously via copper- core 75Ohm Coax cable using a Coax Transmitter and Receiver combination to multiple devices capable of receiving SDI transmissions. Designed for professional applications in which multiple SDI or digital outputs using the same SDI source are required, WyreStorm SP-SDI-0104 and 0108 SDI products are perfectly suited for diverse applications such as security/surveillance, broadcast television and film production in studio or location, video conferences, electronic teaching, in fact, any and wired network area where the extension and amplification of multiple SDI transmissions are needed.

WyreStorm Express™ HDMI Over Coax with 2-Way IR (50m/164ft)

EXP-EX-COAX-50 WyreStorm Express™ HD Over Coax with IR (50m/164ft) EXP-EX-COAX-50 The WyreStorm Express™ EXP-EX-COAX-50 is a single cable point to...

WyreStorm HDMI Over SDI Dual Output Transmitter with 2-Way IR, RS232 (50m/164ft)

TX-SDI-50 Transmitter Only - Receiver sold separately. The WyreStorm TX-SDI-50 is single...

WyreStorm HDMI Over SDI Cascading Receiver with 2-Way IR, RS232 (50m/164ft)

RX-SDI-50 Receiver Only - Transmitter sold separately. The WyreStorm RX-SDI-50 is single...
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