WyreStorm International Sales Guidelines

Internet Sales of WyreStorm Products Prohibited 

WyreStorm’s position as a prime manufacturer of innovative, high quality distribution and control solutions for all manner of residential and commercial applications includes an unwavering commitment to the installation market in the supply and correct installation of all WyreStorm equipment. 

Our products are designed for installation by experienced, qualified system integration professionals who have been through training and technical support to gain the knowledge necessary to ensure correct installation of our products, and are not intended for consumer/end-user installation or configuration. 

As such, with the exception of the WyreStorm Express range*, WyreStorm products are only available for purchase through authorized sales representatives and distributors, with sale through unauthorized internet sites and direct sale to end users strictly prohibited. 

We feel direct sales of products through unauthorized channels not only circumvents this invaluable source of information and support, but also jeopardizes the successful and safe installation of products. 

In particular we cannot attest to the quality, condition and status of the products sold through ‘click & buy’ online sites or online auctions as these may or may not be described as any new, factory direct, or factory A-stock, may in fact be: 

• B-stock • Damaged 

• Refurbished • Counterfeit 

• Discontinued • Stolen 

• Used 

Such products may have serials numbers removed or altered, which in itself automatically invalidates any product warranty and access to WyreStorm service and technical support. 

As such, any products deemed to have been purchased through online sites, web auctions, classified advertisements, factory sales, clearance sales, yard sales or any other unauthorized channels will not be covered by any kind of warranty and will not be eligible for any kind of after sales service or technical support. 


Internet, Online Auction Purchases & Warranty 

The purchaser should also note that the WyreStorm factory warranty, service and support of products is non-transferable if products are resold or bought from online retailers such as Amazon® or online auction sites such as eBay® or Craigslist®, even if the product was originally purchased legitimately from an authorized WyreStorm seller. 

Furthermore, any control or integration software included with WyreStorm products is available via WyreStorm or a WyreStorm authorized sales partner only. These are included with the product, downloaded direct from the product page at www.wyrestorm.com or from you local WyreStorm sales partner. 

Although it is not illegal to offer a WyreStorm product for sale on auction sites, these sellers should note that in addition to any products sold being void of warranty or after sales support, listings are also not permitted to include any trademarked or copyrighted imagery or information such as logos, graphics or content copied and pasted directly from the WyreStorm website or that of our sales partners. Use of such content without WyreStorm permission constitutes trademark or copyright infringement that carry considerable financial punishment, including forfeiture of profits, assets, punitive damages and payment of legal fees. 


Support Our Industry 

To safeguard the correct specification, installation and operation of WyreStorm products and the continued support of our industry, sellers also have a responsibility to inform potential buyers of the necessity of hiring a professional system integrator, ideally one with experience with WyreStorm products, to install and configure their WyreStorm products.

WyreStorm reserves the right to deny warranty, service and support on any product not able to be proved it has been purchased through one of its authorized sales partners. 

In the event of WyreStorm enabling certain products or ranges to be made available on third party online sales outlets, or certain outlets becoming authorized, full listing will appear at http://www.wyrestorm.com/international-sales-guidelines 

As such, with the exception of the WyreStorm Express range*, under no circumstances should any WyreStorm products be purchased from sites listed herein. 

*WyreStorm Express products are designed exclusively for retail customers as simple, plug-and-play HDMI solutions that can be connected by an end user, and as such may be sold online direct to customers through sellers that are not authorized WyreStorm sales partners. 


Identified Unauthorized Sellers 

Please see below for a listing of online sites/sales outlets we have identified as being unauthorized sellers of WyreStorm products - this is by no means a comprehensive list of all unauthorized resellers, and will be added to as and when offenders are discovered, but acts as a reference of sites we are aware of as acting outside authorized sales channels. 

Check http://www.wyrestorm.com/international-sales-guidelines for up to date listings of unauthorized sellers of WyreStorm products and please contact your local WyreStorm representative if you find products advertised by unauthorized sellers not listed below. 

imedia - Click-to-Buy active 

Stone audio - Click-to-Buy active 

Total AV Control - Click-to-Buy active 

RoomsBros - Click-to-Buy active 

Satellite and Aerial Supplies (SaS) - Click-to-Buy active 

Hiway Hifi - Click-to-Buy active 

Aclass technology - Click-to-Buy active 

CyberMarket - Click-to-Buy active 

The Satellite Shop - Click-to-Buy active 

Katero – Click-to-Buy active 

Xsdorioy – Click-to-Buy active 

AVAlive – Click-to-Buy active 


Common Sense Buying 

If you are in doubt of the legitimacy of any outlet or product listed for sale, please contact you local authorized WyreStorm sales partner or contact us directly at http://www.wyrestorm.com/contact-us 

Finally, we want all WyreStorm installations to be straightforward and successful endeavors with as little time and energy spent on site as possible, which will in turn offer the best possible end-user experience to exceed the expectations of your clients. 

It is with this in mind that we ask you to use common sense when purchasing your WyreStorm products - research the reseller, check the product and use authorized WyreStorm partners where possible as this will maximize your chance of you and your clients being satisfied with the result. 

Click below to find a WyreStorm Sales Partner near you. 

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