WyreStorm Handles Samsung Firmware Update Incompatibility with HDBaseT

The industry got itself all worked up this week about CEPro's article highlighting Samsung's recent firmware update for their 6000, 7000 and 8000 Series resulting in an incompatibility with HDBaseT devices, such as matrices, extenders, receivers, and a loss of signal between source and display.  


Such issues tend to surface from time to time after updates from the TV manufacturers, with Samsung, LG and Sony being the main offenders, but generally compatibility issues are identified and solutions provided with little or no drama.  

And so it was in this case.  


Once WyreStorm tech support verified data with our dealers, we issued our distribution partners a technical bulletin with details on the issue and our proposed course of action.


The following guideline ensures WyreStorm installations containing non-updated Samsung screens are fully functional and also minimises any inconvenience experienced by screens with updated Samsung firmware.



Actions for Installed Displays with Older Firmware

In order to prevent the loss of signal on Samsung displays already installed, we strongly recommend that Auto Update is turned OFF in display settings.  This will prevent the display from receiving the update and allow the display to continue operating without loss of signal.


Steps to Disable Auto Update:

  1. Power off the Samsung display
  2. Power off the Network router for the system to avoid having the display to connect to the Internet
  3. Power on the display and follow the directions in the display manual to turn off Auto Update
  4. Once Auto Update is disabled the Network router can be turned back on


Note: Samsung Auto Update is automatically turned on when all Smart Hub choices are activated during the setup process and on 7000 series displays. This should avoided in order for Auto Update to remain off.


Actions for Updated Displays

Although as yet there is no definitive solution from Samsung for displays that have already updated to this latest firmware, WyreStorm tech support can confirm the following workaround through which a signal can still be received using HDBaseT devices by connecting the device via the display local MHL input.  








Regarding this workaround, please be aware of the following:

  • Only the MHL input on the display can be used.  If this input is occupied by another source, it should be moved to a standard HDMI input
  • Samsung’s One Connect or Evolution boxes cannot be used - only the MHL on the display itself allows for passing of signal
  • On WyreStorm matrices, the SmartEDID feature cannot be used for this workaround.  An EDID Copy must be done in order for output to be available.  All displays must be 4K in order to display a 4K image

As such, we acknowledge that this limits the workaround to compatible models only.

Note: This is a temporary fix to ensure transmissions can be received even on Samsung screens carrying the latest firmware update.  We will let you know as soon as Samsung provides another update to permanently resolve this issue.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.  Please contact your WyreStorm distribution partner for the full technical bulletin covering this issue.  Should you have any questions, please contact WyreStorm Technical Support here 

Many thanks

The WyreStorm Team