WyreStorm Top Billing at Invision Europe Home Technology Showcase, Vue Cinema, Hilversum, Netherlands


Vue Cinema, Hilversum, Netherlands - 17th May 2017

WyreStorm supported our distributor Invision yesterday at their Invision Europe Home Technology Showcase event at Vue Cinema, Hilversum, Netherlands.

Boasting Dolby Cinema and Atmos audio, the Vue in Hilversum was an ideal European location for AV brands offering AV solutions and user experience with real star power.

Like Butch and Sundance or Han and Chewy, WyreStorm's own buddy duo of Phill Gibbs and James Meredith were on presentation duties alongside an ensemble including some of the biggest names in AV.

WyreStorm took took to the stage to present a cast of leading distribution and control products over IP, HDBaseT and HDMI and explain just Why the Technology Matters.

Thanks to all at Invision for a great event - NetworkHD Touch looked amazing 20ft wide on the the big screen!