Adelaide Oval Stadium

Commercial Case Study

Product Installed: WyreStorm Extender Sets

For more than 140 years the Adelaide Oval has witnessed some of the greatest moments in sport and entertainment. From David Bowie’s first-ever stadium concert in the 1970s to the Rugby World Cup, its safe to say this hallowed turf is the very beating heart of sporting and cultural life in South Australia.Thanks to a half billion dollar redevelopment, this historic ground has secured its place for the next century as a premiere venue for AFL, Rugby League, Union, Cricket, concert events and much more.

Each of the 22 function rooms feature a permanent cabling infrastructure augmented by portable equipment to serve the varying daily requirements. The small-and medium-sized rooms are kitted out with a general purpose sound system utilising a ceiling speaker array and local input plates connecting to projector positions via a series of WyreStorm extender sets.

The use of the WyreStorm extender sets not only provided seamless integration of multiple audio outlets, but also offered support for distribution of uncompressed 1080p video, Ethernet pass-through and bidirectional control of source and display device from either location via IR and RS-232 and control up to 100m (328ft) via single category cable.

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