Need to expand your system to cater for an increase in meeting applicants, or need to wirelessly distribute content? WyreStorm has the add-ons to give you the full package. The APO-DG1 provides Full HD 1080p wireless screen sharing functionality for any USB-C equipped laptop, all done with easy one-press functionality. Combine the APO-COM-MIC and APO-MIC-EXT to extend the audio pick-up range of the APO-VX20-UC up to 60m/196ft. Cascade these three times for the largest of meeting spaces.


The benefits of video conferencing are clear and it’s now more accessible than ever before. However, with the emergence of so many new digital collaboration tools, covering both software & hardware, working out what systems will best suit your company in order to unify all of your communications can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced AV/IT professional.

WyreStorm provides a solution for today’s demanding meeting spaces. Whether that’s a small huddle space, large corporate boardroom or classroom, WyreStorm aims to simplify complicated systems by combining what typically consists of separate disparate hardware into a single unified solution.