The Best Webcam for Efficient Zoom Meetings in 2021

WS BLOG - Focus 210 Webcam Pic1

The Zoom meeting is becoming increasingly popular in our daily work. As an IT engineer, you may find it difficult to select the ideal video conferencing equipment for your company’s meeting room. There are various brands on the market, but quite a few are difficult to use and just waste your money. I have tested many brands lately, and today I will recommend one of the most cost-effective smart webcams to you: FOCUS 210 4K AI webcam. It is ideal for small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

WyreStorm, an experienced manufacturer in professional audio and video field, launched FOCUS 210 4K AI webcam as its flagship product this year. Its products mainly focus on the mid-range and high-end market segments, so the newly-launched FOCUS series webcams also feature high quality. FOCUS 210 webcam is equipped with a large wide-angle distortionless lens and an 8-megapixel ultra-HD sensor. Based on my test results in different lighting conditions, my conclusion is that it can stream crystal clear image and have excellent color reproduction, so it can fully meet your needs of holding a Zoom meeting in your meeting room.

When it comes to 4K webcams, you may have some questions: is it necessary to use one in today’s video conference? Isn’t a 1080P full HD webcam good enough, since the maximum video resolution of the Zoom meeting has not reached 4K yet? Based on my test results, I am sure that you definitely need 4K resolution if you are looking for a smart webcam which is ideal for a Zoom meeting!

Before I explain this, please let me first introduce FOCUS 210 webcam’s AI technology of auto framing. With built-in powerful AI computing power, FOCUS 210 webcam can automatically crop its image according to different scenarios, which ensures all attendees are clearly framed in the image and also put in the appropriate position. This AI technology is the same as iPhone 13’s automatic cropping technology for portrait photos. In a Zoom meeting, its camera lens can automatically zoom in and out as well as pan and tilt. Together with a 120-degree ultra-wide viewing angle, you don’t need to worry about who is missing or who doesn’t look good in the image. Instead, you can get rid of remote control and concentrate more on your meeting.

Well, now let’s go back to 4K again. When the picture is automatically cropped, the camera lens will automatically zoom in and out, and the image will be digitally zoomed. For example, when a person sits at the far end of the table, the lens performs a 2x digital zoom to pull the person from the distant view to the close view. At the same time, the definition of the picture will drop from 4K to 1080P. If you zoom in 2 times on a 1080P webcam, the image resolution will rapidly drop from 1080P to 720P or even below standard resolution. As a result, the resolution of the image transmitted to the far end will be greatly reduced or even get blurred. Therefore, 4K resolution is a must if you really need a smart webcam with AI technologies.

WS BLOG - Focus 210 Webcam Pic2In addition to the AI technology of auto framing, FOCUS 210 webcam is built with smarter technologies for different scenarios. For example, it is designed with presenter tracking technology for presentations and lectures. The camera lens can automatically follow the presenter in real time, which ensures the presenter remains in the center of the image, and keeps the top and bottom ratios appropriate. Thus, the presenter can deliver a perfect presentation even online. What’s more, FOCUS 210 webcam is built with dual noise-cancelling microphones. They can eliminate common noises in the meeting room, such as noises caused by keyboard typing, page turning, printing, piling outside the window, clapping, dog barking, etc. The AI ​​voice technology can effectively target at and eliminate all these noises, so that the far-end attendees can hear your voice in a clearest way.

In this era of intelligence, FOCUS 210 webcam can be one of the best smart partners for Zoom meetings. With the advanced AI technologies, it can help you solve many professional problems, as all employees of your company can easily hold a video conference, without any professional maintenance or pre-meeting preparation. Everything is under the control of AI technology!

Above all, FOCUS 210 webcam is only priced at $179.99 for all these AI technologies. It would cost you at least $1600 if you look for another product with such configuration! Please visit to find more details about the product if you’re interested.