Conference Speakerphone Elevates Hybrid Environment Experience

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Conference Speakerphone Elevates Environment

Nowadays, video conferencing software gains much popularity as the number of people working from home continues to increase. For an online meeting at home, some of you may still wear a headphone or earphone for audio input and output. However, an online meeting usually lasts for a few hours, which may gradually damage your hearing. Besides, if there are any background noises while you’re speaking, like dog barking, how can you ensure the other side hear you clearly? In this situation, you can turn to a professional Bluetooth conference speakerphone to experience both hands-free convenience and superior sound quality. In this blog, I will introduce some major benefits of using a Bluetooth speakerphone in video conferencing.

Professional Sound Quality

A common headphone or earphone is usually built with only one microphone and one speaker; they are ideal for listening to music and online chatting. In comparison, a professional conference speakerphone is engineered with multiple professional-level microphones and a powerful speaker for voice pickup and sound amplification.

If you really need to hold an efficient and seamless video conference, a high-definition webcam is not enough. Audio also matters in communication! It is worthwhile to invest in a professional audio solution, like WyreStorm HALO 60 speakerphone. Built with four noise-cancelling microphones and a premium speaker, HALO 60 can help you love conference calls again! Don’t need to get disturbed by air conditioner noise, dog barking or other background noises any more. It can filter out these annoying noises and pick up clear voice even if you sit about 5m/16ft away from it. Besides, the maximum volume of its speaker can be increased to 115dB, so you can hear every word clearly from your far-end colleagues. HALO 60 full-duplex speakerphone also boasts the advanced AGC technology. No matter where you’re sitting in your house, it can automatically balance out your voice so your will not sound too loud or too soft to the remote side. These are the benefits that a common headphone or earphone can’t provide.

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Totally Hands-Free

A wireless Bluetooth speakerphone allows you to take calls without the use of a headset, providing you greater comfort during longer conversations. Without the need to hold the handset to your ear, you can perform other tasks while talking, like taking notes, cleaning, cooking, tidying or just relaxing. Especially on a business trip, you can hold an urgent conference call while driving. A high-quality Bluetooth speakerphone like WyreStorm HALO 60, also eliminates the risk of wrist strain during those extended chats. Besides, it is quite easy to control. HALO 60 speakerphone has intuitive buttons for basic control, such as answering/rejecting phone calls or adjusting the volume.

Connectivity & Portability

Bluetooth technology is quite fast. All you need to do is enable Bluetooth on your smartphone, turn on the speakerphone, then you’ll be connected in seconds. As long as your smartphone supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the speakerphone with any conferencing app, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, etc. This means you can instantly transform your living room or bedroom into a home office at any time!

Many Bluetooth speakerphones are portable enough to carry in a small backpack or laptop bag, so you can hold an online meeting virtually anywhere. The best model like HALO 60 speakerphone is designed with a rechargeable battery supporting up to 10 hours’ talking, so you can use it all day without relying on an external power source.

Make Multi-Person Conversations Easier

Finally, in addition to individual home office, a conference speakerphone is ideal for corporate meeting rooms where your team have a video conference with your clients. Thanks to its omni-directional voice pickup and high-power audio amplification, all of your colleagues can take part in the conversation at the same time and hear the remote side clearly. This is a much more convenient solution than having to pass a handset to someone else to talk; it ensures a smoother experience for every attendee.

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The above are the major benefits of using a Bluetooth conference speakerphone for video conference or phone calls. It can benefit you on many different levels, as everything is built into its housing, including omni-directional microphones, a powerful speaker and convenient audio control. You can create a conference room wherever you are.