Rebranding New Synergy™ Line – WyreStorm Expands Collaboration

In efforts to both engage our customers and have a creative brand, WyreStorm has launched the rebranding of existing products and future products in the presentation line up. Anything that starts with the SKU for switchers ‘SW-XXX’ will be classified as ‘Synergy™’. The name Synergy™ was generated as it indicates unity, cooperation, and collaboration, which is exactly what WyreStorm’s line presents to accomplish within the market.

The following existing model numbers will serve under Synergy™: SW-130-TX, SW-510-TX, SW-515-RX, SW-540-TX-W, and SW-740-TX. An addition to the Synergy™ line includes SW-220-TX-W, which will be launched mid-April. Not to spoil any of the excitement, but SW-220-TX-W is a dual-view presentation switcher that is flexible and practical in huddle spaces, classrooms, and meeting areas for a stress-free experience.

The future of switching is here! Synergy™ has both wireless and wired ranges. The benefits of Synergy™ could not be clearer with full security, HDBaseT technology, and the ability to build a full solution. At WyreStorm, we believe that presenting content should be a passive experience; the equipment that you’re connecting to should require as little interaction as possible so you can get on with business. We’ve designed our Synergy™ range of static and extending presentation switches to operate with automatic source switching at the heart of their operation.

Check out WyreStorm’s Synergy™ today!