Upgraded 8×8 HDBaseT Matrix Switcher Kit for Commercial

MX-0808-KIT V2

NEW Powerful, Budget Friendly 8×8 Matrix Switcher Kit 

One of the most popular commercial matrix switcher kits just got an upgrade with the MX-0808-KIT V2 being announced. The new 8×8 Commercial Matrix Switcher offers 8 HDMI Inputs, 8 HDBaseT Outputs, with 4 mirrored HDMI Outputs to HDBaseT ports 1 through 4, which can be paired with any of WyreStorm’s HAOC hybrid optical HDMI cables to connect to 4 additional screens. The new 8×8 Switcher can process content up to 4K/60 4:2:0 8-bit or 4K/30 4:4:4 8-bit, supporting the latest HDR standard, 30Hz HDR-10, with multi-channel audio. This versatile matrix switcher is also compliant with HDCP 2.2 standards.

Much like its V1 predecessor, the V2 offers the same convenience of a kit and is geared mainly for small to mid-size commercial applications where up to 4K UHD content is the norm and distances are shorter such as in small sports bars/pubs, houses of worship and fitness centers. 8 Inputs of 4K UHD content is distributed over HDBaseT to 35m/115ft via the included 8x KIT HDBaseT receivers which are powered from the matrix through PoH technology. The HDBaseT kit receivers are also equipped with IR Extension Ports and RS232 ports for connected device control and seamless integration.

Working automatically on signal presence or triggered via the API, the MX-0808-KIT V2 includes support for standby mode and A/V mute function that further enhances the offering for commercial installations. This 8×8 kit can send power trigger commands to all compatible connected screens or projectors, meaning an integrated autonomous control solution all through one device.

The V2 also replaces the 8x digital S/PDIF outputs found in V1 with 4x balanced analog audio outputs corresponding with the last 4 HDBaseT outputs, therefore eliminating the need to add separate Digital to Analog converters for external audio amplification.

With all the powerful features inside this compact 1RU chassis unit, the new MX-0808-KIT V2 joins a suite of WyreStorm’s HDBaseT Matrix Switching products that are heavy on features and light on budget, offering everything one would need for a profitable and reliable installation.