15m Active Optical Cable with 60W Power Delivery

Active Optical Cable Delivers Great Power

WyreStorm launches the CAB-USBC-15, an Active Optical USB-C to C Cable. A perfect companion for the Apollo Series & Synergy Switchers equipped with USB-C connections. Unlike most USB-C AOCs (Active Optical Cables) on the market, WyreStorm’s CAB-USBC-15 supports USB Alt-Mode – meaning that the cable supports 4K30 video passthrough in addition to two-way USB 3.2 Gen1 data transmission (5Gbps).

The USB-C SuperSpeed data capability is ideal for fast file transfers or for connecting USB 3.0 equipped devices such as conference cameras for a reliable high quality video transmission. Pair this cable with a WyreStorm Apollo or Synergy solution to take advantage of the power and usefulness of the 60W PD feature to keep your device charged while you present.

USB Cable length and speed limitations have always been a challenge in the AV installation market, and WyreStorm aims to solve it. Conference rooms, meeting tables, classrooms, and similar environments where interactive screens or conference cameras needed to be connected can now take advantage of the speed of Fiber Optic transmission, paired with the renowned quality and reliability of WyreStorm’s cables. The new cable has maximum pull tension of 20kg/44lbs, and maximum turn radius of a staggering 0.5cm/0.19in, making it ideal for walls/floor runs to reach the desired USB-C equipment easily. A screw-lock connector is featured on one end of the cable, great for ensuring the connection remains secure, especially in permanent installation scenarios.

Using this cable in conjunction with the Apollo lineups or Synergy solutions is a no-brainer. It’s a cable suited for any scenario, and every scenario that requires super speed data transmission, high quality video streaming, and simultaneous power charging capability to any device.

Whether for corporate, education, or the commercial installation environments, the best way to future-proof your hardware is to upgrade your infrastructure to keep up with growing data traffic demands. If you want your AV & data to move faster and farther without the risk of data leaks, look no further than WyreStorm’s cable lineups. WyreStorm CAB-USBC-15, Extend USB Beyond Its Limits!