Award-Winning AV over IP NetworkHD 100 & 600 Series

Award-Winning AV over IP NetworkHD

Award-Winning AV over IP NetworkHD Triumphs Sound and Video Contractor Categories

When network bandwidth is scarce, signal quality is fundamental, and deployment flexibility is key, NetworkHD AV over IP Solutions tick all the boxes. WyreStorm continuously re-evaluates and studies AV signal distribution over the network to ensure excellence for our customers. This is when and why NetworkHD was created in 2014 and continues to develop year after year.

Fast forward to 2022, two new NetworkHD solutions were released and showcased during Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona, and InfoComm in Las Vegas, where they caught the attention of the industry with the innovative and revolutionary features that no other manufacturer has introduced so far. The ultra-powerful SDVoE NHD-600-TRX Transceiver, and the Weatherproof NHD-110-RX-S Sealoc Receiver are two pioneering products in the AV over IP ecosystem that were built with scalability and flexibility in mind, while filling up existing market gaps. At the same time, both devices ensure speeding up deployment, limiting points of failure, and providing an easy path for upgrades.


ISE Best in Market’22 Award

The NHD-600-TRX is a revolutionary product which combines AVoverIP Transmitter and Receiver in a single unit, transmitting 4K60 Lossless Video & Multichannel Audio over 10GbE network infrastructure through SDVoE technology with zero latency. This revolutionary flagship solution gathered the recognition of the inquisitive industry professionals due to its powerful capabilities. The product was nominated and proudly won the Best in Market’22 Award in ISE 2022.

“It’s an honor to receive this award and get the acknowledgement from the industry between all the brands and products showcased in ISE 2022”, said Vincent Philippo, Executive Director of International Sales in WyreStorm Technologies. “Being picked as “Best in Market’22” winner at ISE not only helped us increase our visibility in the International ProAV market, but also reinforced that the products we engineer and manufacture fit the needs of our integration partners and users alike”.


Best of Show – InfoComm 2022 Award

Against the dust, rain, and snow, WyreStorm showcased the world’s first Weatherproof AV over IP NetworkHD Receiver, the NHD-110-RX-S with Sealoc nano-coating technology. Specially designed and weatherproofed for outdoor and severe environment installations and applications, the receiver is part of the NHD H.264 ecosystem. With its 1080p@60Hz video resolution and 2ch PCM audio out, the NHD-100-Rx is a solid tried and tested receiver, and an industry favorite for outdoor long-distance high resolution and reliable AV applications. The receiver has been awarded the Best of Show at InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas.

“Winning an award is a token of appreciation for the countless hours of research, innovation, development, and testing, and a recognition for all the hard work our engineers have put into making a great product.” Says Andy Herron, Director of Product Development at WyreStorm Technologies.

Innovation never stops, and the AV industry is steadily moving towards more cost effective and scalable solutions. That’s why WyreStorm engineers work tirelessly to deliver the technology of tomorrow, today!