AV over IP Grows the AV Industry with Elite NetworkHD

AV over IP NetworkHD Power of Three

The Start of AV over IP

Signal transmission and distribution are the genesis of longer distance human communication. It is one of the first forms of connection between people separated geographically. This form of communicating and transmitting information has evolved significantly since the beginning of the 21st century, where it became more reliable, easier to transmit, and required less expensive media to carry it – primarily copper-based media. This led to more reliance on Ethernet, which proved to be fast, secure, reliable, and cheap.

Audiovisual signals have been transferred by the traditional point to point media cables through VGA, composite, HDMI, and recently HDBaseT, and the likes. Many different features, elements, and applications are for each of those media, but the one thing in common between all of them is limitation. The user is always bound by a point-to-point transmission which is limited by the physical capability of copper. Signal attenuation is inevitable, and a permanent connected cable between the sender and the receiver is the mainstay of how the system works. This changed when AV over IP technology was developed.

AV over IP is the fastest growing technology in the IT industry, covering sectors like the education, corporate, and government industries, being the largest deployers of AV over IP. Together these sectors make up 85% of the total market. At first glance, AV over IP systems look very similar to traditional AV networking solutions such as HDBaseT, but the use of an IP network brings many key benefits. Let’s look at a familiar scenario. Imagine an Auditorium install with a 16×16 AV matrix switcher. The matrix is fully loaded with inputs and outputs, and you’re close to handover. Suddenly, your client wants “just one additional input”, or output. If you’re in AV integration, you know what kind of nightmare request this is! This is where AV over IP technology would have been the ultimate flexibility solution.

In the AV industry, the demand for reliable and cost-effective solutions in the AV over IP market has grown in recent years, triggering tech companies to take bold new approaches. There is a greater need to connect end-users across multiple platforms and an increasing appetite for IP-based solutions which address these challenges, reflected in the significant increase of AV over IP adopters. Research indicates that the AV over IP market is expected to grow from US$3B in 2021 to US$51B in 2027 (Maia Research Co., Limited, 2021).

WyreStorm understands the urgency of advancing the AV over IP solutions and excelling in those to lead the industry. It’s no coincidence that the WyreStorm NetworkHD System was innovated, developed, and perfected throughout the years to be one of the most reliable products in its category.

Why NetworkHD – AV over IP?

AV over IP systems have the potential to reduce system costs by up to 40% compared with similar HDBaseT systems, due to its unique feature of using existing Ethernet infrastructure to transmit HD signals. NetworkHD can work on both 1GbE and on 10GbE with the various lineups of the NHD solutions. Therefore, the NetworkHD series combines The Power of Three: H.264/H.265, JPEG 2000, and SDVoE, covering every technology and possible bandwidth that can be used to transmit a robust and consistent AV signal.

WyreStorm has celebrated the release of several award-winning products throughout 2022, with the current lineup of NHD-600-TRX’s transmitting 4K60 using SDVoE technology over 10GbE network, then the new NHD-500s transmitting 4K60 JPEG2000 over 1GbE and OM3 Fiber, in addition to the newly upgraded versions of NHD-610 series. Last but not least, the world’s first award-winning weatherproof AV over IP receiver, NHD-110-RX-S was released.

Looking towards the future, with the acceleration of digital transformation, more interoperability, and interconnected visual applications, WyreStorm aims to bring our ‘A’ game to NetworkHD. This is the basis on which the NHD was built, to be brand & system independent and capable of accommodating a very large number of nodes. Scalability is the key feature for this technology, and the NHD can transmit a virtually unlimited amount of source signals to unlimited receiver units throughout the existing network, where the only limitation is the network switch capacity and available network bandwidth.

Whether it’s about scalability, low latency, resolution, or encoding/decoding efficiency, the WyreStorm NetworkHD solution was built and developed to provide the ultimate deployment convenience. Over Ethernet or over Fiber, WyreStorm accelerated into the emerging enterprise AV over IP market by creating the most cost-effective AV transmission and distribution solutions.

So, why is WyreStorm’s AV over IP System the fastest and highest quality form of AV Signal distribution? Because we value Time, and Pixels!



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