Powerful Plug & Play 8K Essentials

WyreStorm 8K Essentials

8K Essentials for Powerful Plug & Play

Keeping up with the rapid advances in technology, and in line with WyreStorm’s vision of fully compatible 8K devices across the board, WyreStorm released several new products in the Essentials lineup. The entire upcoming line is developed as a simple and affordable line of plug-and-play products for connectivity in the home, retail stores, and light commercial business environments.

The New 4×1 EXP-SW-0401-8K and 2×1 EXP-SW-0201-8K HDMI switchers, and the 1×2 EXP-SP-0102-8K HDMI splitter all support HDMI 2.1 and are compatible with the latest 8K HDMI cables from WyreStorm. Future proofing your system just became achievable.

WyreStorm’s new products fit perfectly into the 8K ecosystem supporting up to 8k@60Hz and 4k@120Hz resolutions. They are compatible with HDMI 2.1 40Gbps with Audio De-Embed, ARC & CEC Passthrough.

These next generation technologies are tailor made for residential high-end homes and light commercial applications with the need to switch between emerging 8K sources while distributing 5.1 audio via source de-embed or ARC, and distribute 8K content to 8K displays. WyreStorm’s new HDMI Switcher is a powerful plug-and-play 8K HDMI switcher. This switcher also supports DSC 1.2a pass-through, an approved method of compression in accordance to the HDMI 2.1 specification, allowing up to a 10K@120Hz signal to be transmitted losslessy.

On the other hand, WyreStorm’s new 8K 1×2 HDMI Splitter is made to distribute one 8K source to two displays. Featuring 8K60/4K120Hz resolution and compatible with HDMI 2.1 1:2, the new splitter comes with Downscaling & Audio De-Embed features.

Don’t forget, the new switchers and splitters can be paired with any of our CAB-HAOC-FRL’s to extend your 8K@60Hz signal further than a standard 8K HDMI cable!

The entire essentials line comes with a comprehensive Two-Year Warranty on all products and lifetime warranty available on all cables.