AV in the Hospitality Industry – An Eye-Opening View

AV in Hospitality

AV Solutions for Different Hospitality Sectors

The hospitality business is the most customer centric industry of all industries. Its core existence stands on making the customer as happy and as comfortable as possible. Up to date technology in the hospitality industry is fundamental to improving guests’ experience.

You walk into a hotel or a restaurant, guests check in at touch-based kiosks or via a smart app. In lobby spaces, they encounter a welcome wall with travel updates and a live news feed on big beautiful digital signage screens. In a restaurant, they watch the best entertainment, simultaneous live matches, or TV shows on an array of high-definition screens and projection systems. Every visit to every hospitality space is guided via smart way finding features, interactive menus, video displays and a wide range of digital messaging. It is the age of AV, a source of information, a means of entertainment, and a way for unlimited communication between people and service providers!

Such is the expanding role of AV in the hospitality industry. With a growing trend of AV guiding on-site customer journeys, and a full immersive experience of distributed audio and video, the hospitality industry is poised to be right on the cutting edge of this trend. Integrators and system installers can play a major role in delivering on an AV-driven positive customer experience.

As technology continues to move at a rapid pace, the hospitality industry must be capable of adjusting to meet the latest trends. Hereby are some things to think about when you consider advantages of AV in hospitality:

Connectivity is Key:

Every aspect of hospitality experience depends on the full and uncompromised connectivity of the devices with the displays and the sound system. Whether AV over IP, or direct AV connectivity in a pub, restaurant, or sports bar, the experience cannot be unreliable, or unsecure, as this is the first thing your guests will notice.

Importance of Esthetics:

Practicality is crucial, but the finish of an install is the face of the outlet in front of its guests, as the hospitality industry is often about trying to convey a sense of luxury and design sensibility. So, when it comes to AV integration, we’re talking about a more refined approach than just slapping up a screen in a high traffic area or behind a bar. No clutter, high visibility for all guests, and no one is missing out on the action. This creates a customer experience that exceeds expectations and is achieved when you have the flexibility of installation locations with small form factor AV receivers, or proper hidden wiring containment for your front-of-house devices.

Audio & Video Experience:

Audio and Video are the main component of customer experience in the hospitality industry, and compromise on quality defeats the whole system purpose. You may think of it as background noise in the form of music or sports bar commentary, or a fuzzy image with interlace lines, or a low-resolution source on a high definition display, all those are challenges that experienced installers should have sufficient experience on how to overcome, using the appropriate products as well as methods and techniques of installation.

With more live events being broadcasted worldwide, the demand for quality and enjoyable AV experience in hospitality and F&B business has been on the increase in recent years. Guests don’t want to be distracted by static or otherwise bad audio and video quality while watching an F1 race, or the Super-Bowl, or even their favorite live event, so the AV installation is of particular importance as you consider how to serve your hospitality clients.

WyreStorm’ s Contribution:

WyreStorm has held the Hospitality industry very dear to its heart, and many of the product lineups are catered towards those businesses. From the Ultra High Definition NetworkHD AV over IP solutions with Dolby ARC, to the Synergy lineup of wireless and wired switchers and extenders, to the 8K Splitters, and 4K Fiber Extenders, we have created products that make any install better. Whether in sports bars, restaurants, live events, gyms, or even casinos, WyreStorm provides solutions to an intuitive state-of-the-art AV system that is as necessary as ever in the wide range of hospitality environments. We distribute AV signals so efficiently and effortlessly to boost any social experience, resulting in increased revenue and elevated customer satisfaction.