Inventory Impact on Audio-Visual Manufacturer Business

Inventory in AV Industry

Inventory Challenges Within the Audio-Visual Ecosystem

The last couple of years have posed major changes within the Audio-Visual industry. With the recent pandemic, lack of inventory, changes in economies, and staffing issues, AV manufacturers worldwide have staggered, trying to keep inventory & business practices afloat.

Eager customers that buy from AV manufacturers have acquired major stressors and worry that projects will not be completed in a timely fashion due to long-lead times on products. Project completion is essential to business and driving income. If a manufacturer fails to provide customers with the technology, they need to operate their business, customers will be forced to change their current partner, or worse even, be forced to close business.

Customers’ reactions to major player lead times have been anything but happy. Every part of the AV ecosystem has been affected by the crisis including speakers, switchers, flat screens, PTZ cameras, and the alike (Inavate, 2022). So, what is the outlook? According to the figures in the industry, it is not ideal, at least in the short term.

WyreStorm Has Stock

Luckily, there is hope for customers who need a reliable partner. Not all AV manufacturers have had to face these pressing crisis issues. WyreStorm has inventory on all products customers may need and provides fast shipping times for on time deliverables.

Chief Operating Officer of WyreStorm, Donald Seguin, notes, “The current situations are tough with supply chain and must be navigated carefully. However, with the correct preparation as we took at the start of the pandemic and fantastic team backing these efforts, we have seen little to no delays.”

By preparing for the future, WyreStorm has put the proper programs in place to ensure inventory levels are sustainable for all customers globally. Since the beginning of the pandemic, WyreStorm has been able to fulfill orders in a time effective manner. WyreStorm aims to provide customers with the solutions they need to properly execute an effective installation. After all, customers’ successes are our successes.

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