8K Association’s 1st AV Manufacturer Contributor

8K Association Member

WyreStorm’s Supporting Membership in the 8K Association

WyreStorm joined the 8K Association (8KA) in 2022, becoming the first ever Audio-Visual Manufacturer to be part of the association. The mission behind the 8K Association is to develop, educate and promote the rapidly evolving 8K ecosystem. The association ensures 8K initiatives thrive as it aims to accelerate industry-wide adoption of 8K content, products, and services.

The 8K Association is composed of key technology companies in the consumer and professional ecosystem. The association involves Work Groups to help provide information about the state of the ecosystem to consumers, organizations, and standards development groups.

An Exciting Journey

WyreStorm is excited to share 8K awareness to customers & contribute to the ecosystem. By collaborating with other members, increasing the amount of 8K certified products, and learning about the advancements within the industry, WyreStorm can best understand the needs of futureproofing technologies.

“Being a supporting member of the 8K associations means WyreStorm has the opportunity to collaborate with a team of pioneering innovators who are geared towards the bleeding edge technology known as 8K,” says Product Manager of WyreStorm, Nick Meers.

Meers continued, “Within the 8K ecosystem, we all contribute from our respective industries to share ideas that help solve the problem we may face so all audiences can enjoy the benefits of 8K technology.”

After all, by collaborating with minds that all have similar passions and goals, excellence is achieved. “By being part of the Work Groups offered by the 8K Association, not only do we share knowledge directly from our industry, but we gain insight from other contributors working in other industries who encompass the whole 8K ecosystem,” claimed Nick Meers.

8K Products by WyreStorm

In lieu of contributing to the 8K ecosystem, WyreStorm has two 8K products officially certified, CAB-HAOC-FRL 10 and 15 meters, with more on the way shortly. WyreStorm is also excited to share additional products that support 8K, including two 8K60 switchers, four different sized 8K60 2.1 HDMI cables, and one 8K60 1:2 HDMI splitter.

For more information on WyreStorm’s participation in the 8K Association and 8K products, contact us. WyreStorm. Powerful. Reliable. Simple.