A Sustainable Future – WyreStorm’s Ultimate “Going Green” Mission

A Sustainable Future

Sustainability and environmental awareness are not just some shiny rhetoric, it is a very important aspect of our present if we would want to leave our children a healthy future. Therefore, WyreStorm has continued taking up the sustainability responsibility and relaunched the Going Green campaign to assert the commitment to minimal environmental impact in the production process.

Ecological Packaging

With 2/3 of all the products packaging being completely eco-friendly, WyreStorm uses sustainable and organic paper-based packaging materials and practices to minimize package size and waste bulk. To clearly indicate to our users WyreStorm’s eco-friendly packaging, there will now be two different logos on product packaging. For 100% eco-friendly packaging #SUPFree will be used, whereas #GoingGreen will be used for eco-friendly packaging that is not 100% plastics free, but still better for the environment.

Our products are well protected inside recyclable, environmentally sustainable, and functional packaging material which is ready to be recycled without the hassle of segregation. This saves time and money for our installers and integrators when it comes to unpacking and waste management on big projects. In addition, WyreStorm is well committed to take further initiatives to eventually eliminate single-use plastics to mitigate our impact on environment as well as climate change.

Greener Products

Nowhere is this more evident than in WyreStorm’s new Office and UC Solutions lineup where its own products are used to support a hybrid workplace while reducing power consumption, corporate waste, and caring for the environment. WyreStorm’s UC Solutions are designed to be more energy efficient with features that allow resources to be better shared, enabling collaboration across teams that produce their best work. Moreover, our NHD and Synergy products are becoming more powerful, less power hungry, and dissipating less heat, further earning the #GoingGreen stamp that we proudly carry.

Green Marketing Awareness

A green business demonstrates that sustainability is part of their mission and company culture, not just a mere marketing campaign. We believe in the projection of positive power, and that positive actions are the most valuable form of awareness and advertising. This not only strengthens a company’s existing market base but extends it to communities where green product manufacturing is essential to doing business.

As an Award-Winning AV manufacturer who’s committed to the better future of our planet, WyreStorm recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability. We are dedicated to making our community, the places where our systems are installed, and our earth a cleaner, safer place to live.