Corporate Environments – How AV Technology Can Complement Different Spaces

Corporate Environments - Video Conferencing in a Corporate Setting

The way businesses are run has changed in recent years as a natural result of the progressive nature of the corporate world. Recent global circumstances did not unexpectedly change the way business is done; it just accelerated the inevitable. It was just a matter of time when the UC ecosystem would get its break and the corporate world will start heavily investing in their AV infrastructure, whether in their satellite offices, or for remote employees.

Organizations running businesses with multiple locations across the globe, can potentially face challenges with real time communications, especially for executive spaces which do not wish to rely on software-based VC systems. Such spaces require a niche system that always work, with every platform, and at any time.

Video Conferencing in Corporate setting

Amid the world’s rapid shift to tech-centricity, a reliable and accessible video conferencing solution is paramount. SME’s are historically known for being budget conscious, therefore boardrooms and huddle rooms that need to be equipped with UC facilities are looking for bespoke solutions that don’t break the buck, and are easy to deploy and maintain. WyrStorm’s futuristic professional-grade Unified Communications and Office line up of products are the perfect package suited for such large conference rooms, classrooms, and boardrooms, where close-up, high-fidelity video and audio capture is desired.

Ranging from the Apollo speakerphones lineup that can be bundled with the 1080p 12x optical zoom CAM-200-PTZ conference camera, to the super powerful VX-20 Videobar with presenter tracking feature, fully integrated switcher and built-in beam forming microphones, WyreStorm’s products are designed with ease of use in mind, allowing for easy & successful meeting management. Equipping any meeting room has become a breeze, and extremely cost effective!

Command Centers

Command and control centers are some of the most important spaces in the corporate environment, where monitoring a whole building or a critical facility is vital. Gone are the days where an entire video wall depends on a single point of failure consisting of a video wall processor. WyreStorm’s award-winning NHD solutions lineup provides some of the best AV over IP distribution capabilities with their Ultra HD resolution and extreme signal speed. Scaling the deployment up for future expansion is a few minutes additional work by just adding transmitters or receivers! Combine that with the award-winning NHD-Touch app and you put the full NetworkHD™ Series AV over IP systems at your fingertips for single screen, video wall, and MultiView applications! How easy is that?

Executive Boardrooms

Executive boardrooms are the pinnacle of AV installations, where nothing should go wrong during operation, and performance is expected to be exceptional. Consider a boardroom with the highest possible finish, the best mahogany wood, motorized retractable screens, and high-end LED display, but with a poor back-end AV system. It defeats all purposes. WyreStorm understands that, and therefore the MXV HDBaseT Matrix Solutions are designed to seamlessly route up to 16×16 4K HDR signals throughout the boardroom. For larger auditorium sized installations look no further than the new Zero Latency NHD-600-TRX to transmit 4K60 over existing 10GbE ethernet networks. Combine the Zero latency with Zero worry with our industry leading 5-Year warranty program!

Expensive and complicated AV Systems are things of the past. WyreStorm has worked very hard to make AV Technology accessible for all sorts of environments, from corporate to education, hospitality and residential. Time is money, and we believe in a connected world. Our AV innovations fully utilize the capability of technology, not the capacity of your wallet.