WyreStorm launches the best companion for their AVoIP NHD Lineup, the “Companion Control App”

WyreStorm’s AV over IP range of NHD solutions continues to grow and become more diverse and powerful. The release of the new NHD-500 series, the new NHD-CTL-PRO, and the future planned upgrades for the 100 & 200 models raised the need for a more centralized and effective Network HD control application, leading to the creation and release of the Companion Control App. The new app is designed as a supplemental smart application for a NetworkHD Touch system. It is meant to offer control of source devices in many environments without any additional hardware, allowing WyreStorm to offer a more comprehensive control solution for NetworkHD installs.

The new app is self-contained and does not require any advanced programming knowledge that would otherwise be required when using 3rd party mainstream control systems. It is wizard guided through the setup (similar to the new and revolutionary NHD-CTL-PRO) and provides step by step instructions to get it set-up and running.

Deployment is a Breeze

Combined with the NHD-Touch, the new Companion Control App is an ideal application for several NHD deployments, especially in the hospitality NHD installations with several sources, displays, and a single in-house operator. Leveraging already existing hardware and the NetworkHD API, control commands for source devices are pre-loaded into the app for the most common hospitality-based content like cable boxes and media players from some of the industry’s most common sources like DirecTV, SKY, Apple TV, Roku and many more. The app offers an incredibly quick and intuitive experience driven by the ultra-easy wizard setup to configure and deploy any NHD solution in a breeze with a modern user interface that is built automatically, with minimal technical experience, and without any additional programming.

Easy Navigation

Companion Control can be launched directly from the NHD-Touch interface offering a seamless transition between video routing and controlling the content on the screen. The control experience is one continuous and fluid integration. Just connect the app to the NHD Controller, select the type of source devices your installation has and watch as the app builds an interface for you. Companion Control App provides live video previews of each source device connected to a NetworkHD encoder. This allows the app to provide high-quality streams in the same interface as control buttons, making it easy to navigate menus or change channels, perfect for sports bars and other hospitality scenarios.

Companion Control App is compatible with NetworkHD 100, 200, 400 & 500 series components, it is available for both iPad OS & Android systems, and will contain a free demo mode providing example layouts to get the feel for the app without needing NetworkHD hardware.

The new WyreStorm Companion Control App is now available on Apple Store and Google Play Store ready for immediate download. 

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wyrestorm.companion

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/companion-control/id1606189943