WyreStorm Releases 2 Presentation Bundled Kits for Convenient Out-of-the-Box Solutions

WyreStorm SYN-KIT-130

WyreStorm released two new presentation bundled kits, both US and International versions, from their very successful and popular Synergy Lineup. The two new All-in-One Bundles are the Synergy SYN-KIT-130-US/EU In-Wall Presentation Kit with Control, and the Synergy SYN-KIT-510-US/EU Advanced Kit with Control. Both are ready out-of-box plug and play kits with minimal configuration required.


The SYN-KIT-130-US/EU bundle provides an all-in-one solution for BYOD applications. Perfectly suited for education or corporate markets, this kit includes a 3-input HDBaseT in-wall transmitter (SW-130-TX-US/EU), a 4K HDBaseT receiver (RX-500), and a preconfigured 2.8” touchscreen controller (TS-280-US/EU) for a simple and hassle-free end user experience.

In addition to the dual HDMI inputs, the USB Extension capability on the transmitter and receiver sides allow laptops to utilize connected peripheral devices such as remote webcams & speakerphones for online meetings, or a touchscreen/smart display for an even more flexible and interactive learning experience. The SYN-KIT-130-US/EU Synergy kit has been meticulously put together to create a simple solution for conference rooms, huddle spaces, training rooms, lecture halls or in any place where users will bring their own devices and simply plug to present.


On the other hand, the SYN-KIT-510-US/EU bundle provides an all-in-one comprehensive solution for medium-sized presentation applications. The kit is suited for corporate or education markets that require an all-inclusive yet out-of-the-box solution for AV distribution and control.

This bundle includes a 4-input HDBaseT professional switching transmitter (SW-510-TX), a feature-packed HDBaseT receiver (SW-515-RX), and our pre-configured 2.8” touchscreen controller (TS-280-US/EU). The bidirectional USB2.0 extension facilitates the connection of webcams, smart touchscreens and microphones for the full switching and presentation capabilities. Third party AV devices have been also thought of, thus CEC commands have been built into the touch-screen controller to turn on or off remote displays as well as the ability to trigger and control projector screens or lifts. This kit creates a robust solution for medium conference spaces, corporate boardrooms, training centers and many other presentation-based environments.

Easy to Use Installs

WyreStorm is committed to creating more equitable and installation friendly AV solutions by actively providing products and packages that match together and work seamlessly with other AV components. The new all-in-one bundles have been specifically tailored to make the installs easier and more straight forward. Aimed at providing the installers with powerful, reliable, and simple pre-bundled solutions, installers can now unbox these kits and build easy to use installs, and most importantly spend less time putting them together, making AV deployments and upgrades more accessible for everyone.

WyreStorm Synergy bundles are now readily available globally for immediate shipping. Contact your local WyreStorm sales representative for pricing and more information.