WyreStorm Launches innovative NHD-0401-MV 4-Input 4K60 Multiview Switcher to the 400/500 series of the NetworkHD Family

WyreStorm’s AV over IP range of solutions continues to be driven by innovation and versatility. With more HDMI based systems being integrated with AV over IP solutions, WyreStorm set out to launch a device that combines features from both platforms.

The new NHD-0401-MV is a powerful Multiview switcher that can be used as a standalone solution or with a NetworkHD 400 or 500 series system. For a standalone solution, connect the source devices directly to the four HDMI inputs and a display to the HDMI output to present the Multiview image on the display device. On the other hand, connect the switcher to a network switch with an NHD-CTL-PRO and link it to NetworkHD 400 or 500 series encoders & decoders to transmit the Multiview signal to an NHD receiver.

NHD-0401-MV offers Multiview layouts

This powerful switcher comes pre-loaded with five different Multiview layouts offering unique viewing experiences. 4K60 HDMI 2.0 inputs allow the switcher to support all the latest 4K HDR content with zero compression. It supports Dolby Vision & HDR and has Audio De-embed capability, as well as an HDMI downscaler that will automatically adjust the resolution to match the maximum capability of the connected display.

A built-in intuitive software configuration via its web UI or through Direct integration with the NHD-CTL-PRO provides a seamless solution for pairing this switcher with NetworkHD encoders & decoders to add Multiview capability to any JPEG2000 AV over IP project. The NHD-0401-MV is designed to fit perfectly inside the NHD-000-RACK4, making it easy to be part of a NetworkHD system. Slot the switcher next to the other encoders and decoders for a tidy and convenient installation.

Whether in a hospitality environment, a command center, a courtroom, or even residential applications, the new switcher offers you the advantage of up to 4 different inputs simultaneously on a single screen. The NHD-0401-MV brings a brand new and industry first Multiview capability to a JPEG2000 based AV over IP System with its integration with the NHD 400s and 500s, something which WyreStorm has never offered before.

The NHD-0401-MV had its debut during ISE 2023 Barcelona on 31st January. Contact your local sales representative for further information.