WyreStorm Introduces the New and Improved Halo VX10 Ver.2 to its Office Lineup, a Powerful and Flexible Little Video Bar

A little video bar that packs a big punch

WyreStorm introduces an upgraded model of the Halo VX10, the Version 2, with more features, better performance, and greater value! The new Halo VX10 V2 has the same amazing 4K video capability and audio input/output of the original VX10, but with extra features that make it more powerful and provide extra value to the users.

The new Halo VX10 shares the 4K30 video capability of the original VX10 through its wide-angle AI camera, but further adds 3 different tracking & framing modes to its smart features. The user now can select the mode with a side toggle switch to flip between Manual, Auto Framing, or Speaker Tracking capabilities. This new feature makes the VX10 more powerful not only for home offices, but even for huddle rooms and small meeting rooms alike. The 120° wide-angle camera can automatically pick out the active speaker from the attendees to ensure the speaker’s image remains in the center.

In addition to the smart video capability, the V2 is a powerful audio device with its built-in dual stereo speakers and 4x AI Noise-Cancelling Mics with Beamforming Technology. It now even has the capability to cascade three additional extension microphones to further extend the audio pickup to larger size meeting and conference spaces.

How or where you can use the VX10 has been made a lot more flexible. Extending the audio capability was made so the users can be heard wherever they are in the room with a device that utilizes the best voice pickup and noise cancellation technologies. An additional Audio Out interface adds the audio extraction feature to connect it to an external audio device for those applications that require a louder & clearer sound.

The VX10 V2 supports Windows/MacOS Apps for configuration & control, giving the user full control and customization capability for the video bar. The user can easily select tracking mode, zoom in/out, adjust color settings, update firmware, etc. through the application. With all those features and technologies embedded in this small device, the VX10 V2 is a little video bar that packs a big punch.

The VX10 V2 was released during ISE 2023 Barcelona and is now available for immediate shipping. Contact your local sales representative for further information.