WyreStorm Releases an Upgraded PTZ Camera with USB 3.0, HDMI Out, AI Powered Auto Framing

CAM-210-PTZ, WyreStorm’s Upgraded UC lineup camera

WyreStorm, award-winning Audio-Visual Manufacturer, has released the upgraded version of their already very popular CAM-200-PTZ UC lineup camera. The upgraded version comes with a new model number, CAM-210-PTZ.

The CAM-210-PTZ is a multi-functional video capture tool that enhances UC experience by combining a PTZ Camera with smart tracking and framing features. Upgraded from 1080p30, the new CAM-210-PTZ supports 1080p60 video capture and features a 12x optical zoom with easy-to-use plug-n-play connectivity. The CAM-210-PTZ connects to computers, WyreStorm presentation switchers, as well as Apollo Speakerphones to provide crystal clear video for larger conference spaces.

Part of the Unified Communications line of products, the CAM-210-PTZ offers a premium and different video conferencing experience. HD 1080p at 60fps video coupled with a high-quality pan and tilt motor provides a smooth experience without excess noise or image judder. Equipped with three output types, the CAM-210-PTZ can output video via its USB 3.0 port, and a network connection as well as an HDMI Female type A to connect and stream video output to an NVR or a streaming platform. The HDMI can also be used to connect to a local display/monitor as an additional way to view the output stream.

Controlling the CAM-210-PTZ can be done with multiple options. An integrated web interface and PC software provide advanced and convenient way of control, while RS-232 or LAN using the industry standard VISCA protocol will be the main method of control, making it a breeze for integration when using 3rd-party control systems and touch panels. The unit also comes with a convenient handheld IR remote.

WyreStorm Unified Communications lineup is a perfect package suited for use in large conference rooms, classrooms, and boardrooms, where close-up, high-fidelity video and audio capture is desired. Whether a meeting is held on WyreStorm’s Apollo platform or any other leading services including MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx or GoToMeeting, the CAM-210-PTZ is an intelligent camera with open-source control and operation, that combines ease of use with innovative features to offer an unrivalled conferencing experience for any type of rooms. The CAM-210-PTZ ships with a sleek and delicate designed wall mount included in the box for more flexible installation options.