WyreStorm and Netgear: An Excellent Partnership of Innovation and Strength

In the ever-evolving world of technology, collaborations between prominent industry manufacturers often lead to advancements that are only geared towards a better experience for the end user. One such partnership that’s making waves in the AV industry is between WyreStorm, award-winning manufacturer in AV signal distribution solutions, and Netgear, a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses, and service providers.

In April this year, WyreStorm and Netgear joined forces to leverage their complementary strengths in the AV over IP systems to enhance technological innovation and customer satisfaction, and to provide end-to-end solutions for high-quality AV Signal Distribution and Networking systems with their AV over IP lineups.

Dynamic Partnership Achievements

WyreStorm has been a world leader in AV over IP distribution solutions, the future of AV signal distribution utilizing the low cost, easy to deploy Ethernet networks. The backbone of this exciting and extremely scalable technology is the IP network infrastructure. This important component defines everything from total success to unfortunate failure of any deployment. WyreStorm acknowledged this, and as part of the ultimate vision to create the perfect Powerful. Reliable. Simple. AV over IP system, the choice was no further than partnering with Netgear.

Netgear characterizes as a world leading manufacturer, not only in IP networks, but also in AV over IP geared network infrastructure lineup. This collaboration unites Netgear’s industry-leading AV over IP switches with WyreStorm’s innovative NetworkHD solutions, creating a synergy that supports seamless integration right out of the box. The unique aspect of this partnership is the shared vision of providing streamlined and efficient solutions to professionals in the field.

With Netgear’s switches now pre-configured to support WyreStorm’s NetworkHD systems, the deployment of advanced AV over IP configurations becomes faster and more user-friendly. This pairing not only enhances the existing capabilities of both companies, but paves the way for continued innovation, setting a new benchmark for flexibility, reliability, and performance in the AV over IP market. Users will experience that less time is needed to configure a system and more time to focus on fine-tuning the installation.

All models of NETGEAR’s M4250 and M4300 AV over IP managed switches have been specifically designed to align with WyreStorm’s NetworkHD AV over IP solutions. This carefully engineered compatibility ensures an out-of-the-box solution that greatly simplifies the installation process, making it an ideal choice for AV professionals. Further enhancing this partnership is WyreStorm’s decision to stock Netgear Switches, allowing customers to seamlessly integrate their AV over IP purchase with a fully compatible network switch tailored to their NetworkHD equipment.

The need for additional configuration is eliminated, transforming what was once a complex process into a streamlined implementation that can be completed in a matter of minutes. This represents a significant step forward in accessibility and efficiency within the AV system landscape.

WyreStorm & Netgear: Duo Strengths for Competitive Advantage

Designed with the objective of providing superior technology for AV system installers, the partnership between WyreStorm and Netgear exemplifies how strategic collaboration can lead to extraordinary achievements. Their united front represents more than a business alliance; it symbolizes a vision for a more integrated and innovative future in technology.

By synergizing their individual strengths, the two companies have accomplished multifaceted goals, including the amalgamation of technical resources and expertise, broadening their industry reach, enriching product offerings, and enhancing competitiveness through a lineup of compatible solutions. This collaboration has facilitated a transformative approach to the deployment of NetworkHD, markedly reducing time and effort in switch configurations, thanks to the out-of-the-box compatibility of Netgear’s M4250 and M4300 with WyreStorm’s NetworkHD models.

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