Focus 200 PRO Webcam: Redefining the Boundaries of Digital Connectivity


We proudly unveil the latest gem in our Office Lineup: the Focus 200 PRO Webcam. From its design to its features, we’ve made this product as flexible and useful as ever, ensuring it stands out in the crowded marketplace. The new focus is about seamless connectivity, whether in professional webinars, virtual team meetings, or casual chats. The Focus 200 PRO isn’t just about enhancing video quality; it is this set of features defining how you present yourself in the digital age and ensuring no moment of missed video connection or audio inconsistency.

Pristine Visuals

The Focus 200 PRO has been designed to elevate digital video and audio communications. Powered by an 8.0MP CMOS Sensor, distortionless lens, and an enhanced digital PTZ with an expansive 120-degree wide-angle, the Focus 200 PRO offers to step into the future of pristine visuals and seamless connectivity, where the barriers of pixelation and distortion cease to exist.

Zoom Certified Webcam

Recognizing the ever-growing community of individuals and businesses that trust and depend on Zoom for digital interactions, we have worked hard to achieve a vital collaboration with Zoom. The new Focus 200 PRO has undergone rigorous testing and evaluations to achieve a significant milestone—it is now officially Zoom Certified!

This certification assures that your meetings, webinars, and even those cherished personal conversations you have over Zoom will benefit from the seamless integration and enhanced capabilities of the Focus 200 PRO. It’s not just about clarity; it’s about providing a full smooth digital experience.

Key Features

The Focus 200 PRO Webcam Ultra-HD visuals offer unparalleled clarity in every frame, transforming the online video experience, which is well complemented by the superior audio capabilities with its dual stereo mics. Your voice is not just heard but comprehended with an unmatched clarity. But this isn’t just about visuals and sound; under the hood, the super-fast USB 3.0 connection is there for consistent and robust performance, handling the demands of the stunning 4K30 resolution. And for those who’ve come to rely on virtual platforms, the Seamless Zoom Integration ensures that every interaction is smooth and intuitive.

Whether you’re pitching to a potential client, collaborating with a team from across the globe, or catching up with a dear friend, the Focus 200 PRO promises that every moment will be more vivid, more lucid, and reliable.

Enjoy the Focus 200 PRO Webcam, where every pixel tells a story. Now available for purchase. Get in touch with a WyreStorm representative in your local region for more details