WyreStorm Announces the Launch of SYGMA: A Next-Generation Cloud Device Management Platform

WyreStorm, a leader in innovative solutions, is thrilled to introduce SYGMA Cloud Device Management, a revolutionary online platform set to redefine the user experience in AV device control and management. Leveraging our partnership with Xyte, SYGMA empowers users to effortlessly manage and monitor their devices from any corner of the globe using a unified, modern, and user-friendly interface. 

Whether for large campuses, commercial facilities, or hospitality environments, where multiple devices are distributed in the property, WyreStorm created SYGMA to help users and operators stay always connected to their devices, with real-time monitoring of device status, performance, and health, irrespective of their geographical location. SYGMA offers a bird’s eye view of all WyreStorm-supported devices, allowing users to identify issues or anomalies instantly and take immediate actions to resolve them.  

With SYGMA, users gain unprecedented control over their devices with a straightforward interface that makes adjusting settings, activating features, or initiating commands a breeze. The platform enables batch control and updates to multiple devices under this cloud management portal, a feature that is extremely needed and well appreciated in large campus educational facilities. SYGMA has streamlined the security and firmware update process, making it remarkably simple for users to keep their devices up to date with the latest enhancements and security patches, saving both time and effort.  

SYGMA stands out with its dedicated online support available directly through the platform. Users can easily submit and track support requests, communicate with technical experts, and receive timely assistance to resolve any concerns or queries, fostering a seamless support experience. The platform is free of charge and currently available for NetworkHD monitoring. 

WyreStorm encourages users to explore the world of opportunities unlocked by SYGMA Cloud Device Management and to stay connected with the next-level device management experience it offers. 

For more information on SYGMA Cloud Device Management, visit https://www.wyrestorm.com/sygma-cloud-device-management/ or contact your local WyreStorm representative