WyreStorm’s Releases a New NetworkHD 100 Series H.264/H.265 Decoder and Multiview Processor, NetworkHD-150-RX

WyreStorm's NHD-150-RX

Multiview Processor, NetworkHD-150-RX

WyreStorm released another model of its upgraded NetworkHD 100 series, the new and powerful Multiview Processor, NetworkHD-150-RX, an AV over IP decoder based on the H.264/H.265 technology, capable of decoding 4K over 1Gbps Ethernet Networks.

The new NetworkHD-150-RX is an extremely powerful new addition to the successful and newly upgraded 100 series of NetworkHD AV over IP components. In addition to its normal functionality as an H.264/H.265 decoder, the NetworkHD-150-RX serves also as a powerful multiview processor for displaying multiple video sources on a single display. It is capable of processing up to eight 4K30 video feeds and outputting them on a single 4K display, with users fully able to select between many of the different available layouts. Backward compatible with the original NHD-100’s @ 1080p remains a feature for all the upgraded 100 series models.

“If it’s on the network, it must be secure”, and WyreStorm’s commitment to security remains unwavered with their AV over IP NetworkHD systems. AV streams are fully secure over the network using AES 128-bit encryption methods, ensuring any sensitive data cannot be maliciously accessed. Moreover, in addition to HDMI streaming over an IP Network, the 100 Series sends RS-232 control signals to a source or display and CEC control commands to a display device for single control signal deployment without the need for additional equipment, and naturally, the new NetworkHD-150-RX would not be complete without retaining the powerful and customizable RS232 & CEC signal passthrough, and the audio de-embedding capability.

Perfect for hospitality environments, where large direct-view LED screens or projectors that can be found in sports bars or restaurants can take advantage of up to 8 images on a single screen for the enjoying multiple sports games at the same time, or a command center with many inputs monitored on a high-definition screen, or even a courtroom with multiple inputs giving the judge or jury the ability to view all of these at the same, the new NetworkHD-150-RX offers the advantage of distributing 4K60 over low bandwidth streams making it easy to transmit a large number of sources high definition content to displays without the need for expensive network switches, or multiple decoders for the purpose.

The new NHD-150-RX is fully compatible with the NHD-CTL-PRO controller and compatible with the NetworkHD Touch Control app. for matrix and video wall switching, with live video preview streams of each Encoder, offering ultra flexibility and convenience. Another plus, the new NetworkHD 150-RX supports SYGMA monitoring. WyreStorm encourages users to explore the world of opportunities unlocked by SYGMA Cloud Device Management and to stay connected with the next-level device management experience it offers, free of charge.

The NHD-150-RX is now available for immediate shipping. Contact your local sales representative for further information.