WyreStorm’s Game-Changer for Education & Corporate: The MX-1007-HYB Matrix Switcher

WyreStorm's Game-Changer for Education & Corporate: The MX-1007-HYB Matrix Switcher

Connectivity paired with switching, control, and audio capabilities has been a key requirement in any AV System setup, and educational facilities have all of those features in one holistic device to eliminate complexities for the operator. WyreStorm is proud to announce the launch of its MX-1007-HYB Matrix Switcher, designed specifically for the dynamic needs of educational environments. This switcher is aimed specifically to facilitate in-class technology, offering unparalleled features including seamless switching, comprehensive control options, scalability, and superior audio capabilities all in one capable and easy to deploy device.

Education and R&D

At WyreStorm, we believe in building a sustainable future, not only for our planet, but also for our human users. That’s why Education plays a big part in our R&D process to create the easiest simple to use and accessible AV distribution products. WyreStorm believes that AV technology especially in such verticals should eliminate complexities and drive effective collaboration.

WyreStorm education solutions aid teachers and students with the tools they need for a successful school day. Educational facilities day to day users do not need to be tech savvy to operate our products, this is the basis on which we have created our education targeted, MX-1007-HYB matrix switcher. In line with the education targeted products of WyreStorm, Plug-and-Play remains the common factor.

Our new MX-1007-HYB Matrix Switcher puts control in the hands of educators at the podium, in the classroom, or in the lab. This 10 input, 7 output matrix switcher features dedicated inputs for a laptop, microphone, Dante audio and document camera, where different teachers can seamlessly manage and integrate diverse multimedia sources in any classroom. This new matrix also elevates educational collaboration by seamlessly integrating essential tools at the main desk as well as with the students on the classroom floor.

The multi-format video connections including the USB-C, HDMI, HDBaseT3, and the never-before-seen AV over IP capabilities for integration with WyreStorm’s NetworkHD, are a game changer in the education AV industry, fostering interactive discussions and presentations with ultimate flexibility, scalability, and future proofness. The cherry on top is the built-in DSP including Dante 4×4, mic inputs, balanced audio outputs and 4-channel amplifiers for up to 4 speaker outputs to complete your classroom audio & video setup in a single holistic AV box! 4K Resolution ensures sharp, clear video for presentations.

It’s also compatible with various audio formats, creating a fully immersive experience. The new innovation is relevant in Ihe classroom, boardroom, school lab, or even in the auditorium. Management through the cloud has never been easier through our (free of charge) SYGMA Cloud Management portal to make it a perfect fit for larger connected AV System setups. Communication is key in creating the next generation of accessible AV, and WyreStorm surely knows how to invest in such a future.

The new MX-1007-HYB is not only a switcher, it is an all-in-one comprehensive device engineered to be deployed and transform spaces from simple and outdated, to a fully connected AV experience center! Whether it’s for a small classroom, a large lecture hall, or a corporate training office, this matrix switcher ensures educators, students, operators, and corporate presenters enjoy a more interactive, engaging, and effective learning environment.

The MX-1007-HYB was officially launched at ISE2024. Contact your local sales representative for further information on orders and shipping.