Introducing The New EX-100-KVM-IP – WyreStorm’s First 4K HDMI KVM Extender over IP with Virtually Zero Latency!

Introducing The New EX-100-KVM-IP - WyreStorm's First 4K HDMI KVM Extender over IP with Virtually Zero Latency!

IP-Based Extender solution

WyreStorm is delighted to roll out its first IP-Based 4K KVM Extender solution, EX-100-KVM-IP. The new extender kit is a perfect device for corporate settings where high-resolution displays and efficient communication tools are essential between operators, workstations, boardroom attendees, and most importantly, centralized data centers. The new KVM extender is capable of communicating 4K30Hz video, as well as multi-channel audio and USB 2.0 between the transmitter and the receiver over a regular 1Gb Ethernet network with less than 1ms of latency!

Many applications require the source device and the operators to be separated, like high-end boardrooms, gaming cafes, classrooms, laboratories, and most prominently command and control centers. The operator sees a screen and HID devices (keyboard & mouse), and the main PC is either in a centralized rack or secured in an AV room away from sight.

Such AV setups depended heavily on traditional KVM solutions which came with their shortcomings, mainly their point-to-point limited transmission capability. The new EX-100-KVM-IP was designed to provide such deployments with the ultimate flexibility with its capability for unlimited distance transmission over a 1G network. It is ideal for large-scale settings requiring long-range connectivity or multi-site deployments. It is designed for plug-and-play use with zero configuration required, offering hassle-free setup and immediate operation out of the box.

The transmitter and receiver are configured to operate and communicate out of the box, by patching the CAT cable to the ethernet switch and hooking them up to the source, display, and HID devices. 4-Pin DIP switch settings are configurable for enabling up to 16 extenders sets to work in the same network for true flexibility. This feature makes it exceptionally user-friendly, particularly in fast-paced or non-technical environments. The Zero Latency it offers makes it specifically a preferred choice for applications that require real-time interaction and superior user experience. Such powerful features paired with a simple installation and versatile application, including a wall mount option, make it suitable for diverse environments from offices, gaming arcades, to classrooms and command centers.

Whether you’re looking for a smooth ultra-low latency Video & USB HID extension over the network or looking for the ultimate physical security by separating the operator from the console, the EX-100-KVM-IP is your answer. It ships as a set of transmitter and receiver devices with power supplies and mounting brackets pre-configured and ready to operate out of the box. It supports HDCP1.4, a wide range of extension distances, and Audio, Video, & USB connectivity options for a fully integrated KVM over IP solution.

The EX-100-KVM-IP was officially launched at ISE2024 and is available for shipping in March 2024. Contact your local sales representative for further information and shipping details.