Case Study: Formula One Arcade: Birmingham

About The Install

To build upon the recent success and collaboration at the world’s first official Formula 1 simulator racing experience at F1 Arcade London, TVC chooses WyreStorm again to create an exhilarating F1® racing encounter, crafted to evoke a sense of champion status. F1 Arcade delivers the full spectrum of excitement, allure, and exhilaration associated with Formula 1® through custom-made full-motion racing simulators, impressive food and cocktail selections, and a vibrant atmosphere, ensuring an ideal social gaming experience.

The Challenge

To bolster the F1 experience, comprising of 53 racing simulators, TVC were once again tasked with improving the social and competitive aspects of F1 Arcade. This involved installing a variety of large-screen TVs, a multi-zone video distribution and audio system, and a captivating LED video wall display. In addition to these technological enhancements, TVC provided a selection of specialised lighting effects to accompany a feature piece life-sized F1 car suspended from the ceiling. 

The Solution

All the areas within the F1 Arcade were broken down into various zones. The content that needed to be shown in each of these zones could be transmitted to using WyreStorm’s NetworkHD 500 AV over IP solution, with the addition of being controlled via WyreStorm’s state-of-the-art NetworkHD Controller. Furthermore, the WyreStorm solution allowed F1 Arcade Birmingham to manage and distribute audio signals alongside the high-definition video content within their AV system, enabling synchronized transmission of audio streams to multiple endpoints, ensuring an immersive and cohesive audio-visual experience. In addition, the WyreStorm NetworkHD Companion Control App streamlines the management of AV systems. With this app, F1 Arcade Birmingham can remotely control and monitor their system from any compatible mobile device or tablet. By offering this flexibility and convenience, it enables effortless management of each zone, ensuring seamless operation and maximum enjoyment. 

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