Case Study Whitepaper: Villeurbanne Racecourse

The Société des Courses Lyonnaises (SCL) was born from the merger of two racing companies in 2010 and the desire to become one of the largest in the province. In 2024 they will have a total of 69 race meetings on the program in the three disciplines.

The Société des Courses Lyonnaises (SCL) planned to rehabilitate their entire control room, including the fiber optic connections for the cameras and to completely overhaul the video distribution within the Villeurbanne racecourse. The core network sees all the cameras necessary for broadcasting on the EQUIDIA TV channel, as well as other feeds for racing commissioners, the press, and certain special events.

PiloteFilms reached out to NTECH to put together a solution for the upgrade. Two critical requirements were immediately apparent to NTECH, the company tasked with the project. The proposed solution needed to offer significant flexibility in system operation, ensuring ease of use. Additionally, it was imperative for the content delivery to have picture-perfect reliability, especially since it was intended for live broadcasting purposes.

Pilotefilms supported NTECH at the commencement of this project, recommending the use of WyreStorm’s NetworkHD AV over IP technology for its excellent low-latency performance, reliability, simplicity in deployment, cost-effectiveness, and notably, its intuitive TOUCH control interface. The project employed 70 NetworkHD 400-E Series Encoders and Decoders, alongside the NHD-CTL-PRO controller, to seamlessly transmit video content. A key feature that distinguished this setup was the ease and flexibility of the Touch Control system. It enables users to assign sources “on-the-fly” and utilize drag-and-drop functionality on specific screens in event mode, making it accessible even to those without technical expertise.

“Pilotefilms supported us throughout the project, in order to evaluate and deploy the NetworkHDTM system composed of NetworkHD 400-E modules, which met all the project criteria with a controlled cost”, comments Sébastien Mouton from NTECH, and to conclude: “The installation has been operating for several weeks now and has given complete satisfaction to the customer as well as to the technicians working on site”.

PiloteFilms has expressed complete satisfaction from the end-user perspective with the services provided by NTECH. Should there be another project of this nature, NTECH assured that they would not hesitate to collaborate once more, thereby endorsing WyreStorm products for future installs.