Chandler Fire Department

Commercial Case Study

Product Installed: NetworkHD 400 Series

When emergencies happen, and the efforts go beyond the first responders, support from an emergency command/operations center (EOC) is required. The Chandler Fire Emergency Operations Center (CFEOC) is the technical hub of the Chandler Fire Department. To save lives and manage lots of collaborating teams, timeliness and the reliability of data during emergencies is critical.

The goal was straightforward: Undergo a complete renovation and implement updated systems so Chandler Fire could efficiently connect with people during an emergency. Additionally, Chandler Fire needed to better display information internally to more seamlessly communicate with and integrate team members throughout the facility. The new technology would need to support real-time, in-field updates, and the sharing of information between command centers, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies that utilize different software and visualizations. Inside the command center, this information needs to be accessible, accurate, and have the ability to be shared across a room of up to 30 decision-makers who represent the entire community.

The ability to quickly and seamlessly control video sources on one or more of dozens of displays throughout the CFEOC required the latest and most sophisticated technology. Technology from WyreStorm brought their solution design to life. Reliability throughout Chandler Fire is essential to mitigate risk and facilitate deployment during times of emergency. As such, WyreStorm NetworkHD 400 Series Encoders and Decoders were used. All of the video devices were powered over ethernet through stacked ethernet switches to reduce complexity and reduce points of failure.

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