In today’s world, the majority of Pro AV devices, whether it be an HDBaseT matrix, presentation switcher, or an AV over IP solution, exist on the network. While it may be easy to connect a device via an ethernet cable to a switch or router, it’s critical to understand how that device is capable of being secure. At WyreStorm, we recognize the need to be secure and take it seriously. We want you and your customers to feel confident that when a WyreStorm product exists on a network it will not fall susceptible to malicious activity. Below are protocols that we have implemented on a number of solutions and how they keep WyreStorm devices secure.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Protects and secures API access to devices. A widely adopted security method intended to facilitate private communication between devices on a network.

SSH (Secure Shell)
Another method to protect and secure API access. Can also be used for secure data transfer over a network such as firmware updates.

AES Encryption
Is used to encrypt audio and video streams. AES is implemented in hardware & software solutions around the world to protect sensitive data, including the U.S. Government.

HTTPS uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt the data that is shared between a web server and a client device, such as a computer.

PKI Authentication
Ensures access to a device only from the intended user using digital signatures and certificates for authentication.

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