1. SALES AUTHORIZATION: The Dealer is authorized to offer WyreStorm products for sale to end user consumers only.
Dealer shall not sell, transfer or redistribute in any way, any WyreStorm products to any person or entity for the purpose of resale.
2. INTERNET, MAIL ORDER, CATALOG AND OR TELEPHONE SALES: The Dealer shall refrain from any internet, mail order, catalog or
telephone sales of WyreStorm products.
The Dealer further agrees:
A. The sale of WyreStorm products involves custom installation, including on site delivery, installation and service by the dealer’s
B. Dealer will not solicit orders from customers through the internet, a website, or similar communications.
C. Any dealer advertisements must clearly indicate the WyreStorm products are not available through mail order, internet, catalogs or
telephone sales.
D. In accordance with all applicable state laws, WyreStorm products will be delivered in unused, unblemished condition, with all
appropriate packaging and manuals intact.
3. TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT: In the case of sales which do not adhere to the policies in section 1 & 2 of this agreement, WyreStorm
reserves the right to terminate the agreement with said Dealer immediately, and to pursue both civil and criminal legal action against the
Dealer for fraud, misuse of intellectual property, etc., to the fullest extent of the law.