Exeter College Digital and Data Centre

Commercial Case Study

Product Installed: AV over IP – NetworkHD 400 Series

The South West Institute of Technology (SWIOT) Digital and Data Centre at Exeter College is a new £10.3 million building at the heart of the college, built to revolutionize digital, engineering and manufacturing technology education. The state-of-the-art facility will provide students with opportunities in the digital sector, including courses around data analytics, cyber security, and software development.

Integrator was tasked with implementing AV across a range of spaces, including a multi-use 100-seat lecture theatre with hybrid learning capabilities, multiple classroom spaces and three video walls situated in the reception area. High quality audio and video were a priority for this project, and specialist solutions were required for successful implementation.

An AV over IP system was installed as a logical solution for an easy to operate system. By utilizing WyreStorm’s NetworkHD 400 Series and with Dante audio compatible receivers, end users are able move lecture positions with only a single cable. With network infrastructure that supports 10Gbps, 4K video and audio would be supported seamlessly, eliminating the need for complicated patch panels, while providing the option to expand the system in the future.

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