Finch Nightclub/Live Venue

Commercial Case Study

Product Installed: NetworkHD 100 Series

Nightclubs in Mumbai can be brash affairs, with brightly lit signs and pumping music announcing their presence and vying for attention. Not so The Finch, which has discreetly opened on a busy highway in Powai, providing the city with a sophisticated live music venue and restaurant.

The challenge here was distributing various content to the multitude of displays throughout the venue. The main visual focus of the room is a large screen which drops down in front of the stage and is paired with a projector. This is supplemented by four 42-inch LED panels in the smoking annex and 53-inch LED panels at stage left and right. Mirror TV’s have been installed in both washrooms, and a TV panel at front desk is used for signage.

WyreStorm’s NetworkHD 100 Series AV over IP solution provides seven outputs from five inputs, taking content from cameras and projectors and displaying it on the monitors around the venue. Integrated with the NetworkHD Touch app gave them flexibility to drag and drop any content onto any screen at any time. For a layperson who’s not well-versed in technology, this is very simple control option for them to understand.

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