Why Choose WyreStorm?

The WyreStorm Difference

We’re a leading manufacturer of award-winning Audio-Visual signal distribution and collaboration solutions for a multitude of different markets. WyreStorm is an expert in providing both innovative single-platform and hybrid methodologies.

WyreStorm solutions are Powerful. Reliable. Simple.

Developed to minimize system complexity with installer ready IT solutions for increased ease of integration and reliability, WyreStorm believes in offering exceptional performance for the best value and user experience.


At WyreStorm, “Powerful” means crafting adaptable solutions that seamlessly evolve with client needs and industry trends, driven by the creativity and dedication of our team.

At WyreStorm, our people bring their passion for technology and a commitment to sustainability to the table, ensuring that as we empower your AV experiences, we also contribute to a healthier planet.

This blend of human ingenuity and adaptable technology positions us at the forefront of AV innovation, reflecting our collective strength and flexibility.


Reliability is the cornerstone of WyreStorm’s reputation, supported by the expertise and dedication of our team.

We back our advanced products with world-class tech support, delivered by knowledgeable employees who ensure that quality is never compromised. Our sustainable solutions are built to last, reflecting our team’s commitment to excellence.

Through our consultative approach we work alongside you, to meet your unique challenges, guaranteeing peace of mind and trust in every interaction.


WyreStorm believes in simplicity through approachability.

Our technology is designed with the human touch in mind, prioritizing ease of use and clear communication. We listen closely to understand your needs, offering tailored support to help make your day easier.

With WyreStorm, simplicity means creating an effortless, user-friendly experience in every solution we deliver.

Why Choose WyreStorm?

The Market Solutions We Serve


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Why Choose WyreStorm?

Case Study Testimonials

Jacksons on George

“We love the ease of control and seamless transition for all the
vision and audio inputs to all our various outputs
across all three levels.”

Michael Broome – General Manager of DTL Entertainment Group

Vancouver Coastal Health Hyperbaric Chamber

“We chose Wyrestorm because we have had success with this product in the past and it suited the video and audio transmission with a seamless and efficient user experience. WyreStorm also provided the support in a timely manner, which was exactly what was needed in order for this type of project to be completed successfully.”

Steven Moxness – President of Amplified Audio

Why Choose WyreStorm?

Customer Service Reviews

“Thank you both for your help, I was able to get up there and do the updates and everything went very smoothly. I have not heard of any issues since. As with every call to WyreStorm support, they were very helpful.”

Mark Wells

“I just want to say what a pleasure it was to deal with Ryan today. He’s truly a professional at his job. My project for the last few days was a job involving the new 120 series NetworkHD products …
he navigated through EACH one of them flawlessly and with a great attitude.

And thank You to WyreStorm FOR providing such a well-trained support staff.”

Jim O’Bryant


WyreStorm is constantly innovating, with new products and services coming to you all the time. Here are the newest installs we are proud to power!

Formula One

London, England

Product Installed:
NetworkHD 400 Series

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Macclesfield Town
FC Community Hub

Macclesfield, United Kingdom

Product Installed:
NetworkHD 400 Series

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Exeter College Digital
and Data Centre

Exeter, England

Product Installed:
NetworkHD 400 Series

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Vancouver Coastal Health
Hyperbaric Chamber

Vancouver, Canada

Product Installed:
NetworkHD 400 Series

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