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For the most mission critical scenarios, communication becomes the #1 necessity. No matter the scale of the environment, a powerful and reliable AV solution leverages these applications for comprehensive communication, on a rock solid platform that remains totally secure. Perfect for when confidentiality and public safety are top priorities.


Emergency Services

Streamlining daily processes and communication is essential to achieve greater public safety. For police, fire & EMS services, optimizing communication for mission critical moments is the most important requirement. Ranging from signage displays for building wide communication to presentation spaces for meetings, WyreStorm offers a range of solutions to accommodate these environmental needs.


Military & Defense Environments

A solid, secure and safe AV solution is a must for Command Centers, Training Halls and various other sensitive environments. This is important where reliability, connection security, and zero margin for error is always expected and required. WyreStorm’s powerful, low latency, and world class encryption NetworkHD solutions meet stringent military application standards to ensure reliability in the most demanding environments and adherence to industry standards assuring system interoperability.


Modern Courtrooms

Implementing a comprehensive AV solution into court rooms advances the way that they function. Whether presenting evidence in great resolution, or distributing important information to various displays around the room with trial participants, these applications need an AV solution that is highly secure, and flexible in response to different requirements. WyreStorm’s NetworkHD AV over IP solutions ensure great user experience to make the judicial system more efficient.


Government Departments

Government entities have a wide range of use for AV technology, whether it is video conferencing, presenting for a room full of participants, or live streaming meetings accessible to the public. These systems need to sit on a network that is secure, making sure everyone involved can hear, see and comprehend every detail. With a wide range of product lines, WyreStorm delivers many solutions to meet the needs of these high profile environments.


Community Centers

For public spaces, AV integration needs to be convenient & user-friendly. Modern huddle spaces within libraries or city council chambers can offer professional grade presentation solutions that eliminate the hassle of cables and connectors. WyreStorm provides many reliable and BYOD presentation solutions ready for all size community center applications.



Want more information to make better decisions when look for the best AV distribution solution for your government environment? Look no further as WyreStorm easily breaks down the best options for you and provides simple to follow application drawings.



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