Hendricks Gin Palace

Commercial Case Study

Product Installed: NetworkHD 400 Series

Standing on the grounds of Scotland’s most prestigious grain whiskey distillery is the new Hendrick’s Gin Palace and Distillery. The £13 million Distillery is formed around four key aspects: a walled flower garden ; a central column of accommodation housing a bar, lab space, and lecture theatre; three stillhouses; and an external service yard.

The challenge was to provide an ambiance within the Gin Palace that both complimented and enhanced their playground for invention. A near-invisible audio and entertainment system was needed that filled the dedicated spaces without compromising any design elements and is also robust enough to handle different functions throughout the building.

For video distribution, Hendrick’s Gin Palace uses a 43” Sony Television framed with Vitualton mirror glass in the bar area, connected to a 4K WyreStorm 4×4 matrix video distribution system providing seamless integration and flexibility when choosing video sources. In the lecture theatre, a discreet short-throw projector and 220x165cm manual screen do not intrude day-to-day on the classic early 1900s room design.

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