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In a technology driven society, an intuitive state-of-the-art AV system is as necessary as ever in the wide range of hospitality environments. WyreStorm provides powerful and reliable AV signal distribution solutions with great efficiency and support to boost any social experience, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction.


Sports Bars and Restaurants

Loyal customers connect with their favorite restaurants and bars because of the food & drinks, the service, as well as the atmosphere. AV integration in the restaurant environment elevates the visual impact on guests, for a memorable outing experience. With solutions that provide distribution of content on multiple displays that is simple and easy for staffing to manage, WyreStorm makes even the most imaginative restaurant & bar AV setups a captivating reality.


Live Events

Whether informing a live audience, or entertaining a crowd, each AV system needs to be powerful, reliable, and engaging. Captivating visual content and clear sound makes for the most immersive live show, leaving the audience with an experience to remember. WyreStorm delivers a range of signal distribution solutions to ensure a rock-solid AV installation that any performance or speaker can rely on.


Facilities (Gyms, Training etc.)

Emotions run wild in the gym & training facility spaces. Keeping guests inspired is pertinent to the training center ethos. AV integration into these environments is a perfect way to keep guests occupied during their exercise experiences, as well as elevating communication with guests and staff. WyreStorm provides powerful and reliable AV distribution solutions to achieve total customer satisfaction in the facility application.



The casino environment relies greatly on AV integration to create the most unique, and enhanced gaming experience for guests. Different types of installations range from digital signage, video walls, signal extension or multi-point signal distribution from several distant zones. WyreStorm provides reliable AV solutions for any casino application need, ensuring longer stays with an immersive, world-class casino experience.



For the busy traveler, the hotel experience is very important. For the hospitality provider, it is valuable to create a nuanced environment for guests that exceed the highest level of comfort and convenience. WyreStorm AV solutions integrated into these environments play many vital roles such as entertainment for guests, a concierge, or interactive displays all aimed at achieving a positive customer experience.



Want more information to make better decisions when look for the best AV distribution solution for your hospitality environment? Look no further as WyreStorm easily breaks down the best options for you and provides simple to follow application drawings.



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