Innovation Design House

Residential Case Study

Product Installed: WyreStorm Matrix Solutions

It’s not often interior designers look to custom electronics (CE) professionals to join forces on a project. But for its ‘Innovation House’, the designers at Atlanta-based Insidesign, willingly incorporated a slew of innovative home technologies.The 11,000-square-foot farmhouse in Johns Creek, Ga., serves as a showcase of innovative design and technology, and is open for prospective customers, builders and architects to visit for ideas and inspiration.

The challenge was to demonstrate technology’s role in a modern home. The clients wanted to incorporate a variety of different products and systems. In addition to standard flat-panel TVs, the clients wanted to add a high definition A/V distribution system featuring a Yamaha player piano as an available music source.

A Yamaha DC2XE3 Disklavier piano ties directly into a WyreStorm HDBaseT matrix switcher via standard category and HDMI cabling, which enables songs from the piano to play through the in-ceiling speakers installed throughout the residence. Also connected to the matrix, one of the sources available is an AppleTV. Using an iPad, a user can log on to the site and push music from concerts and internet radio stations to the piano. If the concert has accompanying video, it automatically displays on the home’s flat-panel TVs.

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