Jacksons on George

Commercial Case Study

Product Installed: NetworkHD AV over IP

Like most buildings in the centre of Sydney, what’s long been known as “Jacksons on George” – or to be specific, at 176 George Street – has a long history. It’s been knocked down more times than Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III although it has throughout all its various incarnations always been a watering hole of some description. The current building offers three floors of different styles of hospitality. The ground floor is a Public Bar, the next floor up is the Bistro where diners can enjoy a wide-ranging menu that caters to all tastes, plus there is a private dining room for intimate events and celebrations. The top floor, not surprisingly called The Rooftop, is a mix of a well-featured bar and an open-air venue where patrons can take in the stunning cityscape around them and the stars at night.

With such a diverse audience across the three venues, the AV installation required a flexible and reliable network that could deliver exactly the right program and content where it was needed while at the same time, keeping things simple for the inhouse staff to operate. The final design involved a large number of display screens, some projection, audio zones, and peripherals such as microphone and data connection points.

A system utilising reliable video over IP was the answer. At the heart of the whole AV network is a WyreStorm NHD-CTL-PRO v2 controller – the unit being a compact version of the NHD-CTL-PRO – feeding a pair of Pakedge MS Series MS-2424 switches. Next in line is seven WyreStorm NHD-110-RX v2 decoders and seven WyreStorm NHD-110-TX encoders. These have the entire venue covered when it comes to displays and audio outlets. They also allow for additional AV to be brought in for special events such as the Melbourne Cup, and this can be connected and programmed without needing further network hardware.

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