Lane Top Farm

Residential Case Study

Product Installed: EX-35-H2

Lane Top Farm is an extensive residential new build on the site of a former farmstead located near Mirfield, West Yorkshire. A large open plan property, the comfortable four-bed home doubles as an office and showcase for an astonishing collection of sports cars and motorsport memorabilia curated by the owner. It’s the hub for several automotive businesses involving classic sports cars, specialised customisation, off-road vehicles and racing teams, providing access for cars to be wheeled to the display spaces inside. Habitech reached out to local integrator, Audiovation and was invited to deliver a design for multi- zone lighting and music to enhance the ambience of the showcase and living spaces.

It was clear what the owner expected. His priority was for a video distribution system design that would show off his cars and collection best. After all boxes were ticked, additions were made, like wireless blinds. As with almost every project, the brief evolved over time, and it’s still evolving.

Video is distributed to six screens from individual Sky boxes using WyreStorm EX-35-H2 extenders, all housed in a Middle Atlantic rack. Ten zones of audio include in-ceiling speakers for the entrance hall, office, master bedroom, and wardrobe; and reception, dining room and kitchen, as well as Patio Series sat/subs outside.

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