Luxury Farm House

Residential Case Study

Product Installed: WyreStorm Matrix Solutions

Carried out between July-December 2014, this luxury residential property in Farnham, Surrey, UK was the subject of a complete renovation and whole house automation, from the typical bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining areas and kitchen, to the more adventurous future additions of a swimming pool and garden tree house.

With a budget of £70,000 (approximately $107,000), the aim of the project was to distribute audio and video sources to multiple rooms with simple control for each member of the family to use. The client wanted to keep all devices discrete so that they did not look out of place with the proposed interior design of the property.

As the client made it clear they wanted a variety of sources and a minimalist design with simple control, an AV rack using a tried and tested WyreStorm distribution was chosen to offer the most effective solution. The solution was to use a WyreStorm HDBaseT matrix with analog audio outputs to enable the fluent connection the audio into the multi room audio system, while also seamlessly handling the video distribution between zones using WyreStorm HDBaseT display receivers.

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