WyreStorm Office

Range of Webcams and Speakerphones to
help make your home office life easier.


Arthur Lau

Chief Executive Officer

Donald Seguin

Chief Operating Officer

George Lau

Chief Financial Officer


Rachel Kiely

Administrative Assistant to the COO

Louise Cattelona-Luton

Office Manager UK

Customer Relations

Jason Zeng


Jennifer Grey

Customer Service Associate

Anouk Peijnenburg

Customer Service Associate

Supply Chain

Cici Wei

Assistant Manager of Supply Chain

Shirley Wang

Supply Chain Associate

Iris Gu

Supply Chain Associate

Product Development

Andrew Herron

Director of Product Development

Nick Meers

Product Manager

Jerry Zhang

Project Manager & Industrial Designer

Zec Voislav

Product Specialist

Senvi Wang

Quality Engineer


Samantha Forgatch

Marketing Manager

Sissi Pan

Marketing Manager (WyreStorm Office)

James Macmillan

Senior Graphic Designer

Shawn Handyside

Graphic Designer

Eva Beens

Marketing Coordinator

Brandon Stewart

Video Marketing Specialist

Abby Deng

Marketing Associate (WyreStorm Office)

US Sales

Jim Reinhardt

Executive Director of North American Sales

Jason Nipper

Sales Manager
Special Accounts

Dale Rifenbark

National Distribution Sales Manager

Ken Vanier

Sales Manager
Corporate Accounts

Dominic Facci

Sales Manager
US Regional

Steve Hinton

Sales Manager
US Regional

International Sales

Vincent Philippo

Executive Director of EMEA + APAC Sales

Hatem Bitar

Sales Manager EMEA/UAE

George Oommen

Sales Manager

Steve Goodwin

Sales Manager

Alex Martin

Technical Sales

Valery Skunsev

Sales Manager
(Russian Fed)

Online Sales

Mandy Xiong

Executive Director of Online Sales

Frank Iaconis

Online Sales Representative

Cher Lou

Amazon Operations Specialist

Technical Support

Torin Lippman

Technical Operations Manager

Joseph Gagliardi

Technical Support Associate

Colton Spahmer

Technical Support Associate

Awad Jabbar

Technical Support Associate


Randy Gasparo

Global Warehouse Manager

Stephen Stanley

Warehouse Technician