Whether you’re new to AV over IP, thinking of specifying your first WyreStorm NetworkHD™ system, or installing a new NetworkHD™ Series solution, you’ll no doubt have some questions. Luckily, our new enhanced NetworkHD™ Technical Reference Guide has all the answers. Think of the NetworkHD™ Technical Reference Guide as your go-to resource for a whole host of information on our NetworkHD™ AV over IP line and the main considerations when specifying a NetworkHD™ system, with topics including, but not limited to:

  • Main advantages of using AV over IP
  • What AV over IP technologies WyreStorm offers and the differences between them
  • The different components that make up a NetworkHD system
  • How and when these components should be used
  • Which NetworkHD AV over IP technology is best for your application
  • Application scenarios
  • System design guidelines and requirements
  • System infrastructure and requirements
  • Relevant PoE standards used within a NetworkHD system
  • How multicast is managed
  • Ethernet connectivity types required
  • Generic guidance on network switch requirements and what type of switch you should buy
  • Installation guidance and checklist
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