Ochiltree Community Hub

Commercial Case Study

Product Installed: MXV-0404-H2A-KIT

Ochiltree community hub was born from the Charity formed in 2014 to improve and build on a strong community bond with a clear aim .The aim was to provide multiple multimedia enabled spaces that are flexible enough to change the purpose of any room with minimal notice and to have a state of the art cinema for the community to enjoy the latest movies and audio with the best clarity possible within the budget.

The main hall, which seconds as a high ceiling gymnasium was notorious for sound reflection and echo. Furthermore, this was to be used as a multipurpose hall, so had to ensure the security of the equipment. The hall would be divided into two working spaces. The challenge that arose here was the throw distance for the projector. This was the distance from the screen and the amount of light needed to give a satisfactory image brightness in the room.

To overcome these challenges, a host of technology innovations including a WyreStorm MXV-0404-H2A-KIT video distribution system was installed to provide matrixed video to the two conference rooms, the café area and the projection system in the main hall. A WyreStorm HDBaseT In-Wall transmitter and receiver was used to give clients the ability for local device input, and send their video to the projector in the main hall.

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