Perform Sports Media

Commercial Case Study

Product Installed: WyreStorm Matrix Solutions

PERFORM is a leading digital media company specialising in commercialising multimedia sports content across internet-enabled digital platforms. PERFORM drives revenues through a mix of Content Distribution, Advertising & Sponsorship and developing Subscription Platforms.

Given the group’s activities, it is not surprising that it has taken a leading-edge approach. PERFORM is a distributor of sports content via non traditional media, primarily the internet, whose content reaches over 100million sports fans across the globe. However, it’s more than just a producer and re-broadcaster. It has a complex media sales operation designed, in its own words, to “commercialise multimedia sports content across internet-enabled digital platforms, driving revenues through a mix of content distribution, advertising and sponsorship and developing subscription platforms.

The sources and screens are all managed using a WyreStorm matrix switch linked to receivers behind the screens and the content has, cleverly, been managed by creating an iPad app. The system has also been designed to cope with presentation needs in the offices’ boardroom and demo/conference room, with A“in-table” laptop input systems using WyreStorm Extenders and Switchers.

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